coffee wood chew sticks for dogs

Coffee wood chew sticks for dogs

Nowadays, the demand of natural and sustainable dog toy is increasing dramatically. Coffee wood chew sticks for dogs

are the most trendy natural dog chew toys nowdays. What advantage of coffee wood chew that your dog like the most?

Let’s go through the article below to learn about this special dog chew toy.

coffee wood chew sticks for dogs

Introduction of coffee wood chew

Coffee wood chew sticks for dogs are natural and sustainable dog chew sticks. They offer high level of durability and easy to preserve.

Coffee wood chew sticks are manufactured from hardest coffee trees in the highland of Vietnam.

This product contains 0% of artificial ingredients or caffein which is suitable for all dogs even dogs with weight issues.

At TH Global Vietnam, Coffee wood chew sticks for dogs are exposed naturally in the sun to have a beautiful natural yellow color. 

What are the advantages of coffee wood chew?

This product has natural aroma which attract dogs and bring them the excited feeling during chew. Coffee wood chew sticks for dogs

help strengthen dog jaw’s muscles and reduce stress. Natural fibers from coffee chew act as dental flosses that remove tartar and plague build up on dog’s teeth.

This wood stick is caffeine and artificial ingredients free; therefore, safe for puppies. 

coffee wood chew




Avaialble sizes of coffee wood sticks 

This wood dog chew toy is availabe in different sizes from small to large sizes for all dog’s uses. It is important to choose the right size of coffee wood chew sticks for dogs. With a piece of coffee that is too large, your puppy will have a hard time chewing. And conversely, a stick that is too small, your dog will swallow it easily. If you are still confused about how to choose the best size of coffee wood chew for your furry friend, please do not hesitate to contact us. Here we have solutions for you not only on choosing the sizes but also how to choose a high-quality coffee wood chew for long time use. 

dog toy coffee wood chew size

For better reference, you can visit us at our Alibaba Store or contact us directly at our hotline: +84-382-803-290, and email: [email protected] 

Wood dog chew toys

In addition to Coffee wood chew sticks for dogs, TH Global Vietnam also supplies other wood dog chew toys such as coffee wood tug, dog rope toy, hang, handle, etc. All of our products are high quality and available in different sizes for various dogs. Please leave your email or contact number for a free consultation. 

TH Global Vietnam is a manufacturer, wholesaler, and exporter of different dog products. Please let us fulfull all of your purchasing demands. 

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