Coffee wood dog chew UK

Does your four-legged friend like to bite and peel tree barks and branches? Or destroy your fence by biting it, gnawing on all the plants in your garden or your furniture? Wooden toys for dogs can help solve above problems. Coffee wood dog chew UK is a wooden dog chew toy from Vietnam. Coffee wood dog chew has gained a large amount of interest from doggy friends in United Kingdom.


Why coffee wood dog chew from Vietnam?

Vietnam is know as a country in Southeast Asia. with the advantage of fertile soil and climate favor the development of coffee trees. Coffee is a plant grown mainly when the Central Highlands region of Vietnam brings great economic efficiency. In addition to the ability of seeds, the use of branches and stems to make chewing toys for dogs is also a great economic solution.

café vietnamita

TH Global Vietnam is an experienced manufacture and wholesaler of coffee wood dog chew UK to export. We always focus on the product quality and safety; therefore, all our coffee wood chew are 100% naturally manufacturing. They are dried in the oven or dried naturally in the sun before being peeled the surface to ensure not a single rough surface remains. It has a moderate smoothness, so it does not hurt the dog when chewing. Like heather root, Madera de olivo, coffee wood chew keeps your pet busy for hours as if they had bones to chew on.


Benefits of coffee wood dog chew and sizes

Coffee wood dog chew UK contains no calories, no artificial ingredients or animal origin. It is hypoallergenic and an alternative to meat snacks. Coffee wood chew helps protect and care for your dog’s teeth.

There are different sizes so you can use the one that best suits your pet’s jaws. We have from XXS to XXL to meet every chew demands of doggy friends. This is an eco-friendly toy that will satisfy the natural chewing needs and at the same time provide health benefits.


Things to keep in mind when using this toy for dogs:

– Choose the right size for your dog, especially large enough to not be swallowed

– Throw it away if your dog has used it to a small size that can be swallowed

TH Global Vietnam can supply coffee wood dog chew UK made from coffee wood with private labels and brands as per customers’ requirements. Please contact us for more details. Our hotline: +84-382-803-290 or email: [email protected]

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