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Dog chew wholesale – coffee wood chew will conquer your dog with persistence and great aroma. Masticar madera de café is the most popular dog chew for wholesale supply currently thanks to competitive price. Coffee chew is a safe solution for enhancing dog’s oval health.  Not considering getting them this toy is very tough for them. They use the coffee stick to reduce stressing moods, minimize pain from the teeth, or cases of demanding chewing habits. Coffee chews help a puppy that is teething to those fierce chewers.

It is best to feed coffee sticks to dogs 18 weeks and above. Coffee wood is a very near-grained wood that is tough than most local wood.

Masticar madera de café

Benefits Of The Coffee Wood – Dog chew wholesale 

Coffee wood chew is from the coffee bean plants. This makes it 100% natural with no toxic components, safe, and less possible to crumble. The coffee stick will not fragment into tiny particles that damage the dog’s mouth. This chew toy is deal for all dogs, i.e., all sizes.
This dog chew wholesale also helps maintain healthy gums and teeth—assists in the making plaque’s and tartar growth to stay away. Coffee wood helps in gum disease. The dog keeps a healthy dental cavity while chewing this product.
It can be consumed when raw. Coffee wood chew does not contain caffeine so it is good for dogs health. 

Masticar madera de café

What is the price of dog chew wholesale – coffee wood chew?

Since it is a popular chewable product, there are many suppliers of this dog chew wholesale. TH Global Vietnam Co., Ltd is one of the leading wholesale supplier of coffee wood chew from Vietnam. Our coffee wood chews are high-quality because of directly collecting from biggest coffee plants in the Central highlands of Vietnam. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Hotline: +84-382-803-290 / email: [email protected] .

dog chew wholesale coffee wood chew

How to choose quality coffee wood chew 

Get a coffee chew that acts as a natural toothbrush.A coffee stick that will not break into pieces when chewed. A substantial coffee chews to sustain the dog for long.
You can choose from the three sizes provided;

Small- ideal for dogs that are not above 10kgs

Medium- excellent for dogs that are 20kgs.

Large- the best for dogs over 20kgs.

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