what age can dog have coffee wood chew

What age can dog have coffee wood ?

Dogs like to chew on things as their natural habit. The puppies enthusiastically chew on any object they can get their hands on. Coffee wood dog chew stick, coffee wood dog chew is a solution to limit the destruction of  our objects. Coffee wood chew has bone shape which creates interest for dogs and keep them be excited all day long. What age can dog have coffee wood ?

what age can dog have coffee wood


Introduction of coffee wood dog chew

Coffee wood dog chew is a chew stick which satisfy your dog’s chewing desire and help clean their teeth in the same time! Coffee wood chew is natural chew stuff original from Vietnam, the second largest coffee exporter in the world. Made from 100% natural coffee wood, they are free from any harmful additives or caffeine. Coffee chews are vegan so ideal for dogs with weight issues. This is the perfect boredom and stress buster for our fury little friends, especially those who are known chewers. This wood chew breaks down into soft and small digestible pieces that are safe in your togs tummy. However, it is good practice to always supervise your dog with any chew/treats and to take away any small pieces if you are concerned, as you would with any other chew toy.

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How long coffee wood dog chew last?

Depending on your dogs chewing habit that you can choose the sizes and type of coffee chews. If your dog is an aggressive chewer, choosing coffee wood with quite many knots can be an ideal solution. Coffee woods with knots are usually harder and take longer to release but doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing. Coffee wood dog chews with many knots are suggested for dogs with a large weight and special chewing preferences. For small or moderate weight dogs, it is not difficult to choose. We have coffee wood sizes from XS to XXL for all dog needs.

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What age can dog have coffee wood?

Coffee wood dog chew is recommended to give to puppies who are aged 18 weeks and older. At this age, the puppy’s teeth have developed hard enough to adapt to coffee wood. Besides, this is the age when they explore the world enthusiastically with their mouths. This is the stage when the puppy gets used to coffee wood, we should have a supervisor.

TH Global Vietnam – The manufacturer and wholesaler of coffee wood dog chew for export

TH Global Vietnam Co., Limitado is one of the leading Vietnamese suppliers of high-quality coffee wood dog chew for export. Our coffee woods follow strictly standards moisture content.Therefore gain a large amount of customer’s confirmation by their reorders many times. We have been exporting our coffee wood worldwide with the mission of creating more job opportunities for famers in the Central Hinglands of Vietnam.

what age can dog have coffee wood chew

If you are concerned about the right size of coffee wood chew and what age can dog have cofffe wood. Please kindly contact us directly via our hotline: +84-382-803-290 (WhatsApp); or email: [email protected]