coffee wood dog chew 2023


Coffee wood dog chew 2023 100% naturally 

Coffee wood dog chew 2023 from TH Global Vietnam is popular dog chew toy today. Our coffee wood chew is 100% naturally thus totally safe for dog’s health. Coffee wood chews are sourced from over 20 years old coffee trees that ensure the hardness and durability during chew. Coffee wood dog chew from TH Global Vietnam can also be used for dog with weight issues thanks to containing 0% caffeine or artificial ingredients.

coffee wood dog chew 2023

Wood chew toy is the perfect alternative to plastic dog chew toys.

Nowadays, dog’s owners tend to choose natural and sustainable products for their furry friends. Wood chew toys such as Coffee wood dog chew or オリーブウッドチュー are the most sought-after toys on the market.  These products have benefits of strengthen dog jaw’s muscles thanks to its hardwood structure. Besides, their natural aroma is also a plus point which attracts dogs. Thanks to natural characteristic, coffee wood dog chew 2023 is a perfect alternative to artificial chew toys.


Is coffee wood dog chew 2023 an ideal chew toy for my doggy friend? 

Our dogs love to explore the world around them through their mouths. Puppies sometimes not self-aware of what dangerous things may come from unknown sticks they find outside. Twigs or unidentified furniture found outside that is moldy, contains bacteria, chemicals…or twigs from trees that are dangerous to dogs’ health. The plants such as walnut, black cherry, yew, or red maple…have bad effect to our dogs.


Coffee wood dog chew 2023 – an ideal dog chew toy that you should check out! Unlike other chewing wood, Coffee wood chew is rarely splintered in debits. This chewing wood is released into soft fibers that are helpful for dog’s dental care! Coffee wood dog chew is 100% natural and contain 0% of glue or caffeine, therefore it can be used for dogs with weight issues. Chewing on Coffee wood helps strengthen dog’s jaw muscles. Coffee wood dog chew is no longer strange on the pet market nowadays. Canophera コーヒーウッドチュー, Gorilla coffee wood chew ,  or retail website such as アマゾン この製品で検索すると、簡単に見つけることができる一般的な名前がいくつかあります。

TH Global Vietnam – ベトナムのコーヒーウッド製ドッグ用噛み物の製造・販売業者

TH Global Vietnam Co., ltd takes pride in being one of the leading wholesale suppliers of coffee wood chew in Vietnam. In addition to coffee wood chew, we also supply other types of wood dog chew toys such as コーヒーの木のタグボート, handle, hang, ring, etc. available in different shapes and sizes for specific demands. Please contact us for a free consultation. Our hotline: +84-382-803-290/ email: [email protected]