engraving on coffee wood chews

Does TH Global Vietnam provide logo engraving service on coffee wood chews?

THグローバルベトナム is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of coffee wood dog chews in Vietnam. But beyond providing high-quality chews, there’s another question on pet businesses and owners’ minds: does TH Global Vietnam offer logo engraving services on their coffee wood dog chews? The answer is a resounding yes! Let’s dive deeper into this unique service and its benefits.

engraving on coffee wood chews

1. A Personalized Touch to Quality Products

Engraving your company’s logo or a unique design on a coffee wood dog chew isn’t just about branding; it’s about making a statement. TH Global Vietnam understands the importance of creating a bond between businesses and their customers. By providing logo engraving, the company allows businesses to strengthen their brand identity, making their products stand out in the bustling pet market.

2. Logo engraving service on coffee wood chews – Modern Technology Meets Natural Products

The idea of blending modern engraving technology with natural coffee wood might seem unconventional at first. But TH Global Vietnam seamlessly combines these worlds. The precise engraving methods ensure that the aesthetics and structural integrity of the coffee wood chew are maintained, while showcasing the logo or design prominently.

engraving on coffee wood chews

3. Eco-friendly and Safe

One might wonder, with engraving, is there any compromise on the safety or eco-friendliness of the product? Rest assured, we prioritizes the safety of pets. The engraving process is executed with non-toxic methods, ensuring that it’s safe for dogs to chew on without any risk of harmful substances.

4. The Competitive Edge in a Growing Market

With an increasing number of pet businesses and products flooding the market, differentiation is key. Logo-engraved coffee wood chews not only establish brand authority but also offer an exclusive feel. It’s a premium touch that customers will appreciate and remember.

coffee wood chew materials

5. An Extensive Service for All Business Sizes

Whether you’re a start-up or an established pet brand, TH Global Vietnam caters to all with its flexible logo engraving service. The company’s commitment to accommodate businesses of varying sizes ensures that everyone can benefit from this distinctive offering.



Coffee wood dog chews are more than just another pet product; they are a statement of quality, safety, and innovation. TH Global Vietnam, by offering logo engraving services, is ushering in a new era where businesses can truly personalize these chews, strengthening their brand identity and deepening the connection with their customers.

If you’re considering enhancing your product line with a touch of personalization, TH Global Vietnam’s logo engraving service on coffee wood dog chews is a prime choice. Embrace this blend of tradition and innovation to set your brand apart in the pet industry.