eco-friendly coffee wood dog chew

Eco-friendly coffee wood dog chew

Since artificial chew products are no longer a good solution for the health and safety of dogs. Natural chewable toys are becoming more and more popular.  Eco-friendly coffee wood dog chew is an example. This wood chew is very hard, hypoallergenic and 100% natural. They don’t contain artificial ingredients, preservatives, flavorings, calories, sugar or caffeine. Therefore they are suitable for dogs with allergies or that are overweight.

eco-friendly coffee wood dog chew

Coffee wood is a kind of hardwood, which will keep your dog occupied for a very long time.
コーヒーウッドからは、犬が問題なく飲み込んで消化できる細かい木の繊維だけが剥がれ落ちます。これらの細かい木の繊維は、歯ブラシとして機能します。そのため、当社のチューイング スティックは、犬の歯の自然なクリーニングに役立ち、歯の筋肉も強化します。

What are the advantages of eco-friendly coffee wood dog chew from Vietnam?

100% natural & eco-friendly


You can rest assured with our coffee wood chew products. At THグローバルベトナム株式会社, they are all natural with high quality ingredients and meet export standards.

Coffee wood dog chew is healthy chew

This product helps clean your dog’s teeth naturally as they chew on the stick, helping to fight plaque and tartar buildup. Fine wood fibres serve as a toothbrush.



Since it is an hardwood, so coffee wood dog chew does not easily break into sharp pieces. In stead, they release into small soft fibers. These fibers act as natural denatl flosses, help clean dog’s teeth and prevent dental issues.

Sugar free and caffeine free

Coffee wood chew is vegan so we can use it for dogs with weight issue. Chewing on coffee wood also have benefits on strengthen dog’s jaw muscles and mental simulation.

Eco-friendly coffee wood dog chew – Sustainable

Coffee wood chew is sustainable because it made of renewable coffee wood; and without artificial additives, making it environmentally friendly.

is coffee wood dog chew digestible



THグローバルベトナム株式会社 is the manufacturer and wholesaler of eco-friendly coffee wood dog chew from Vietnam. We are the experienced supplier and exporter of coffee wood chew .Thanks to the favorable climate and wide arable land, our coffee wood meets quality standards with good taste and aroma. Besides coffee wood sticks, we also supply other types of eco-friendly wooden dog chews to meet various demands.

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