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Chew safely with coffee wood dog chew

Dogs have endless passion for chewing. Besides the advantages of chewing such as strengthening jaw muscles or cleaning their teeth, chewing sometimes chewing sometimes unintentionally harms your dogs from low-quality chew stuffs. Here we have solution for your dogs chew safely – coffee wood dog chew.


The advantages of chewing for dogs that we should know

Chewing brings many advantages to our furry friends that we should know about. Every dogs love to chew as it is their instinct characteristic. From the early time, puppies start to chew on things as a way for them to explore the world and reduce painful during teething period. As people do exercise to be stronger, puppies chew on things to excercise their gum.

Moreover, when we are away from home to work, a chew stuff will be a good solution to keep our dog occupied and relaxed. When left alone at home, many dogs suffer from psychological symptoms when they chew objects madly. Dog chew toy is an ideal solution for mental simulation. 100% natural chew toy will help your dog chew safely.


Chew safely with coffee wood dog chew

커피나무 개 씹기 from TH Global Vietnam Co., Ltd is 100% natural which brings your dogs the most excited chew time. Coffee wood is one of the natural hardest woods which is less likely to splinter. This wood chew for dogs has natural aroma which attract dogs for hours and hours. At TH Global Vietnam, we manufacture coffee wood dog chew 100% naturally therefore, our products have natural yellow color which is high aesthetics. Coffee wood chew contains 0% artificial ingredients or caffeine, therefore, it is totally safe for our dogs. Let your dog enjot chew safely time with coffee wood dog chew.

chew safely

How is coffee wood chew packed?

Regarding to packaging of coffee wood chew toy, there are many packaging types based on customer’s demands. Mostly, coffee wood chew will be putted in carton boxes with plastic bags inside. For some other demands, we will pack coffee wood dog chew individually into vacuum bags, with labels, or boxes …


If you are confused about the packaging solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us for the best consultation! Hotline: +84-382-803-290/ Email: [email protected]

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