Coffee wood chew is no longer unfamiliar in the pet market nowadays. When importing coffee wood chew, in addition to the product quality, many customers concern about how coffee wood chew packaging. The packaging process seems simple, but it also has a decisive influence on the quality of export shipments; especially when shipping by sea. Let’s learn about how coffee wood chew packaging at TH 글로벌 베트남.


coffee wood chew packaging

Sustainable dog chew toy

Why is coffee wood chew a sustainable dog chew toy? Because they are completely natural. The logging of coffee does not affect the ecological environment and living environment. The old coffee trees more than 20 years old, that are no longer capable of producing seeds that will be used to make chew toys for dogs instead of being burned. Vietnam is the second largest coffee exporter in the world, so the source of coffee here is very rich and sustainable. The climate in the highlands of Vietnam is very suitable for the growth of coffee trees and it has become one of the main crops here.

coffee wood chew packaging

Coffee has brought to the Vietnamese economy in general and farmers in particular significant economic benefits since it was first introduced in 1857. The development of the world pet industry has brought Vietnamese coffee to the international arena. TH Global Vietnam takes pride in being one of the leading exporters of coffee wood chew in Vietnam; with sustainable products from coffee wood. With many years of experience in exporting coffee wood chew worldwide, we We are confident to provide our customers with suitable and safe coffee wood chew packaging solutions on every shipment.

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Coffee wood chew packaging at TH Global Vietnam Co., Ltd

Coffee wood is very susceptible to mold and termites if not carefully preserved. We always strive for the best humidity control in every shipment. We focus on quality and reputation rather than quantity and revenue. The majority of our customers are satisfied with the quality of our products and services and return for re-orders. Regarding to coffee wood chew packaging, normally, our products when finish the final testing will be pack with plastic bags and desiccant packs to ensure no water contamination during transportation. We also provide other packaging services based on customer’s requirements such as packaging with vacuum bags, labels, etc. All products after that will be carefully filtered and packed in cartons according to sizes before palletizing and loading containers. If you have any packaging ideas don’t hesitate to share them with us!


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