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A safe and long-lasting dog wood stick – Coffee wood chew from TH 글로벌 베트남. Coffee wood chew is a popular dog woodstick nowadays thanks to its outstanding benefits to our dogs. Let’s go through the article below to explore this ideal dog product. 

dog wood stick

What is dog woodstick coffee wood chew?

Dogs – our loyal friends have instinct and passion for chewing. Instead of entertaining your dogs with toys made from rubber or plastics, natural chew toys such as dog wood stick coffee wood chews are now the favorite products of many dog. Dog owners now are aware much of not only their furry friends health, but also care about environmental protection. 



Coffee wood chews are sourced in a natural way where ony coffee trees reach to over 20 years-old with low coffee bean yield are cut down. Infact, when coffee trees reach about 20 years old…they are usually cut down and new trees planted. In stead of being burnt or shredded, they will be used to produced high-quality dog woodstick-s coffee wood chews. This dog woodstick has satisfied many doggy friends all over the world. 

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Several benefits of coffee wood chew stick for dog

In addition to the safety thanks to 100% natural ingrdients, coffee dog wood stick is also ideal for dog dental and mental health. When your dog chews on coffee wood, the wood breaks into small fibres that have a similar effect to dental floss on your dog’s teeth. These fibres are harmless and can be swallowed and digested without any problems. This chew also helps to keep teeth in check and strengthens the jaw muscles.

coffee wood dog stick

Coffee wood chews are availabel in different sizes for dogs in all ages and sizes. If you are looking for a natural dog chew stick for your puppy, then coffee wood chew is worthy trying. We have extra-small (XS) and Small (S) sizes for your puppy enjoy the best chewing time. 


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dog wood stick
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