is coffee wood toxic to dogs?


Chewing on wood is no longer unfamilair habit which we can find in any dogs around us. Chewing helps strengthen their jaw muscles and also ideal for stress relief. Coffee wood chew is a popular dog chew toy nowadays while almost every dogs get attract to this wood chew thanks to its natural aroma. Is coffee wood toxic to dogs? What kinds of wood should we keep away from our furry aggressive chewers? Let’s find details through the article below.

is coffee wood toxic to dogs?

What are non-toxic and toxic woods for dogs?

According to a research from Center for Animal Rehabilitation and Education, there are some woods listed into non-toxic and toxic woods. We can take a reference at link: to avoid letting our dogs chewing on toxic woods. Because some woods can have a direct effect on a dog’s digestive or respiratory health when accidentally chewed on, such as oak or acorn.

Is coffee wood toxic to dogs?

Coffee is a plant grown mainly in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. This is a naturally scented hardwood. In fact, we use coffee wood to make chew toys for dogs in the form of bones. This product is very popular right now. TH 글로벌 베트남 is one of the leading manufacturer and wholesaler of coffee wood chew stick for dogs from Vietnam. With many years of experience, we are confident to bring to the market high-quality coffee wood chew for every dog’s demand. Coffee wood chew is 100% natural and contains 0% of harmful substances to the health of dogs. Is coffee wood toxic to dogs? The answer is “no”. On the contrary, coffee wood chew also has great health benefits for dogs.

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Outstanding benefits of coffee wood to dogs

Regarding to benefits of coffee wood chew to dogs, the first thing we should mention is its natural characteristic. Coffee wood contains 0% chemical ingredients or other harmful substances to the health of dogs. This wood chew toy i-s manufactured 100% naturally under the sun weather of Highlands of Vietnam. Coffee wood chew at TH Global Vietnam has natural yellow color and ideal hardness thanks to good moisture control. Coffee wood stick is available in different sizes from extra-small to extra-large, suitable for every chewing demands.

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