sizes of coffee wood dog chew



Coffee wood dog chew is a type of wood dog chew toy with the benefits to dog’s dental health. Coffee wood chew is manufactured from 100% natural coffee trees in 베트남. This product has natural aroma which can keep our dogs being excited for hours. What are the sizes of coffee wood dog chew? Let’s learn about this popular wooden dog stick!

sizes of coffee wood dog chew

Why coffee wood dog chew?

Coffee wood dog chew has natural aroma which is perfect for stress relief. This product is ideal for dog with weight issue because it has zero calories, caffeine, or artificial ingredients. Coffee wood chew helps remove tartar or plaque on dog’s teeth and contribute to the strong development of their jaw muscles.

Due to manufacturing 100% naturally, this wood dog chew toy is safe for puppies. Its hard wooden construction helps limit the risk of dog dental damage by sharp debris.


커피 우드츄의 크기는 어떻게 됩니까?

커피나무가 씹는다 TH 글로벌 베트남 is available in different sizes for dogs. Depending on dog’s sizes that we can choose the most suitable size of coffee wood dog chew. For example, for dog weights from 3 to 5kg, the XS size should be the best choice. For large dogs, we should not choose them small sizes because it may cause some troubles when our dogs accidentally swallowed it.

반면에 큰 막대기는 개가 씹기 어려울 수 있습니다.


Please do not hesitate to contact us via our hotline +84-382-803-290 for the best consultation about the most suitable size of coffee wood dog chew.

베트남 커피우드츄 도매업체

TH Global Vietnam is a manufacturer and wholesaler of coffee wood dog chew from Vietnam. We offer coffee wood chew and other dog wood chew toys in different shapes and sizes based on customer’s requirements. In addition to coffee wood chew, we also supply coffee wood tug, dog rope toy, handle, hang, and other dog products for various customer’s choices.

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