best dental chew for dogs 2023


The best dental chew for dogs 2023. We brush our teeth everyday, but what about our pups? Dental health is important to our cannies as as for ourselves. If their teeth aren’t care, it will lead to oral pain and serious problems like periodontal diseases, which is the most common dental condition in dogs and can lead to tooth loss. Lack of plaque control leads to bone and tooth loss, pain, as well as distant effects to other organs in the body. Brushing is the best way to decrease plaque and calculus. If brushing is not an option, then other periodontal products like chews, treats can be utilized.” Let’s learn about the best dental chew for dog 2023 through the article below!

best dental chew for dogs 2023

The benefits of chewing

When a dog chews it promotes the production of saliva, which helps to flush away any bacteria that might have built up in the mouth. This bacteria is also responsible for bad breath and is directly related to cardiovascular health.

Chewing is great for dental health because it decreases plaque and tartar build-up. In the wild, dogs would eat the fur, elastic tissue and bones of their prey which would provide a natural brushing effect on their teeth. Our domesticated dogs aren’t eating in a way that provides these natural brushing effects, so long-term chews can fill this void in their diet and can help remove plaque and tartar by scraping against the teeth while also removing debris.

In addition, when your dog is chewing, they are exercising their jaw muscles, which helps promote jaw bone health. Therefore, the more you encourage chewing, the better your dog’s overall health is going to be.

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The best dental chew for dogs 2023 we should know about

Coffee wood chew from natural coffee wood in Vietnam is ideal for our doggy chewing. Made without any animal-based ingredients, these vegan chews have bone shapes that makes it is more attractive for dogs as they chew. Coffee wood chew is the best dental chew for dogs 2023. This chew stick has soft fibers act as natural dental flosses that are helpful in removing tartar and plaque buildup in dog’s teeth, keep them away from diseases. Coffee wood dog chew stick at TH 글로벌 베트남 has many sizes and shapes for every doggy demands. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultant. Our hotline: +84-382-803-290 (WhatsApp) or Email: [email protected]

best dental chew for dogs 2023

TH Global Vietnam – The wholesaler of coffee wood stick for dogs

With many years of experience, TH Global Vietnam has been exporting high-quality coffee wood chew for markets worldwide. Our coffee wood chews meet quality standards with certificates for export. Our products are various from sizes to shapes. In addition to coffee wood stick, we also supply coffee wood tug with hemp rope, and other natural chew products for our furry friends.

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