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Eating and playing is the joy of any dog. Diet plays a very important role in a dog’s life, and what they consume has a direct effect on their physical and mental health. Deciding to adopt a natural diet for your pet is an important and wonderful step in this regard. One of the easiest ways to incorporate natural foods into your dog’s diet is to start with what they like best: junk food! Natural dog treats is high quality and has many health benefits without side effects. Here are some reasons why you should choose natural dog treats for your dog.

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Protect the body against disease

Dogs’ bodies are very sensitive compared to humans. If any unknown substance enters the body, it will cause disease in the dog. So, your dog needs healthy nutrition, no hormones and no antibiotics. If the food is made from the meat of animals raised with antibiotics and hormones. This will have a very negative impact on their health. If the dog’s food contains chemicals, it will reduce immunity against allergies. Natural dog treats are a much safer option because they reduce the chances of triggering a food allergy. 

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Natural dog treats are effective for weight control

A dog’s nutritional needs depend on various factors such as age, body weight, breed, and life stages. Calorie count is the most important thing in the dog owner’s diet. When feeding your dog junk food, always keep in mind the dog’s requirements to avoid obesity. If your dog food contains 75 calories, it will not be suitable for small dogs because small dogs only need 40 calories. Larger dogs need 20 calories per day. Natural dog treats are more nutritious and contain less fatty ingredients. Since they contain no additives or fillers, fewer treats will keep your dog happy. At the same time, the pet’s weight is also controlled without having to prevent them from chewing on their favorite treats. If your dog is overweight but they always want to chew, choose a product that contains no calories but attracts them like Coffee Wood Chew.

natural dog treats new year dog gift

Improves Brain Health and Appearance

Your pet’s appearance can be seriously affected if the food or snack contains synthetic preservatives. Genetically modified ingredients or colorants. Your dog may show these signs, such as a skin rash, dull coat, itchy ears, and excessive hair loss. The food your dog eats has a direct effect on how they look, behave, and feel. Natural, unadulterated dog food that will give them a healthy and lustrous coat, plenty of energy to run and play, a healthy weight to function and strong immunity to boost. Maintaining a natural diet from an early age will also keep your dog healthy and active even into old age. Seeing a happy dog ​​with a wagging tail makes you really happy. So choosing the right food is very important to keep your pet healthy and happy.

Natural dog treats are better for excretion

If your dog’s food is high in fat, the stool will harden because the fat is harder to digest. The dog will find it difficult to pass stools and even damage the lining of the rectum and cause bloody stools. If your dog has a sensitive stomach, he may show signs like vomiting, bloating and diarrhea, etc. Some dog chew toys contain good fiber content that will make the dog’s digestive process easier, such as Coffee wood chew.

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Supports oral health

If your dog has bad breath and rotten teeth, it will be uncomfortable and difficult to cover up. In the case of weak tooth and gum health, your dog may suffer from tooth decay, injury, swollen pockets, ringworm, and a rotten smell that you can sense when the dog is around. Daily brushing is essential. You can also choose some natural treatments that are good for your oral health. Hard or solid foods will help remove residue from teeth compared to wet foods, wooden chew toys like Coffee Wood Chew are a great product for dental care for your dog.

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Feeding your pets natural dog treats not only keeps them happy and improves their quality of life, but it also makes a positive difference to your life and the time you spend with them. Be natural, because when it comes to your pet, we know you just want the best!