Dogs, our four-legged companion, have the instinct and passion for chewing. Instead of entertaining your dogs with dog toys made from rubber or plastics, natural chew toys are now the favorite products of many dog owners who are aware of not only their furry friends health, but also care about environmental protection.
Coffee Wood Chews (or Java wood chew, coffee wood stick, coffee tree wood chew) are 100% natural dog chews, made from coffee tree wood in Vietnam. These woods are sourced in a sustainable way where only coffee trees over 20 years old, with low coffee bean yield are cut down. Coffee Wood Chews are not only eco-friendly, but also have undeniable benefits which are proved by the satisfaction of doggy friends in many countries:
– Safe, healthy and no allergic: Coffee Wood Chews are made from natural coffee wood, without any artificial ingredients or preservatives. It contains zero caffeine and calories which make Coffee Wood Chews well suited even for dogs with weight issues
– Dental floss effect: Coffee Wood Chews help to prevent tartar and plague build-up in dog teeth which are the causes of bad breadth and other health-related issues.

coffee wood chew key benefits

100% natural and sustainable

Dental care


No artifical ingredient

Natural aroma

Zero calories and caffeine

Product Pictures

Coffee Wood Chews are carefully hand crafted with great attention to quality. Therefore, Our coffee wood chews are not only natural dog chew toys, but also works of art made from natural wood.