What is plywood?

Plywood is a multi-purpose engineered wood which is popular used in construction projetcs. Thanks to its advantages of strength and low cost, this product now becomes a perfect commercial alternative to solid wood. 

A typical plywood panel normally has face veneers with higher grade than the core veneers. The core layers is to increase the separation between the outer layers where the bending stresses are highest, improving resistance to bending forces. 

We often use it in areas that hidden from view such as floors, walls, roofs, gargers, etc. For different use purposes, plywoods can be sanded or covered by other materials such as glossy UV layer, felt, or paints for cabinets, furrnitures, etc. 


How is plywood made?

Plywood consists of multiple layers or plys of wood veneers glued together follow the direction of each layer of veneer perpendicular to that of the adjacent layers. These cross-laminated sheets of wood veneers are fastened together with a specific adhesive and cured under heat and pressure.

Plywoods at THG Wood are available in different types and sizes for various customer choices such as Commercial plywood/Birch plywood, UV plywood, Fire retardant plywood, etc. Please contact us via our hotline +84-382-803-290 (WhatsApp) to choose the best one for you !

plywood_birchplywood_commercial_ plywood

Commercial plywood

Commecial plywood generally refers to the grade of plywood.  It is also known as MR (moisture resistant) grade which you can find in any hardware store when you ask plywoods. It  is basically the cheapest grade plywood on the market. Commercial plywoods are manufactured from veneers or slices glued or bonded together under high pressure. It can withstand a fair amount of dampness, humidity, and moisture. The commercial plywoods are made from different types of veneers that are popular in a particular geographical location.


UV plywood

UV plywoods are prefinished hardwood plywoods panel featuring a clear, durable top coat, which will add toughness, resisting to scrapes and chip. The UV coating is basically a compound that is applied to wet wood and then instantly dried by ultraviolet light. Thanks to glossy face, this product is perfect for furnitures such as cabinets, floors, etc.

UV_ plywood _floor

Fire retardant plywood 

Fire retardant plywood  is a type of wood that has been pressure-infused with fire-retardant chemicals, conferring it with permanent protection. Fire-retardant coatings, in contrast, only provide superficial protection.  This kind of plywoods is ideal for public building construction projects such as hospitals, schools, restaurants, celling panels, interior wall panels, etc.


Above are some of popular types of plywoods for different uses available on the market. In addition, THG Wood also supply other types of plywoods based on special customer’s needs. Please contact us via our hotline +84-382-803-290 (WhatsApp) or directly via our Facebook page, Website for better reference. 

Where to buy high-quality plywood?


Since plywoods play an important role in our modern life, especically in work that requires high level of durability such as in construction or furniture, the demand of high-quality plywoods is necessary. In addition to the strength and durability of the core layer, the outer layer also plays an important role in assessing the quality of plywoods. There are four grades of plywoods: A, B, C and D. The grade refers to the quality and appearance of the plywood’s face and back veneers. A has the highest quality and is the most expensive, and D is the least expensive.

At THG Wood, we supply different types of Plywoods based on customer’s demands. Please contact us for a free consultation and high-quality products.