natural dog wood chew

100% natural dog wood chew


Dogs are known as best friends when they are present in every moment of our lives. They are loyal, loving, and always happy to see us. One of the ways we can make our dogs stay healthy and happy is providing them happy dog chews. 100% natural dog wood chew is a great wat to treat our furry friend. Chewing helps the dog’s teeth clean and healthy as well as keep them away from anxiety or boredom. In this article we will discuss about 100% natural dog wood chew – coffee wood dog chew from TH Global Vietnam and how to choose the right chews for your dogs.

natural dog wood chew

The benefits of chewing that we should know

Our dogs love to chew and this instinct habit bring them endless benefits. Chewing is a good way for mental simulation. Choosing the right chew toy will keep your dog occupied all day long. Chewing on things is not only ideal for dog’s mental health but also helpful to improve their dental health by removing tartar or plaque build up.

Dog chews are a great way to reward your pet for good behaviour. Dogs learn through positive reinforcement, so dog chews can be used as a reward for good behaviour. Especially when they are tasty! There is a variety of dog chews available – this means you can find the right one for your pet. Unlike rawhide chews and cooked bones, natural dog chews are safe and will not splinter. Let’s learn about some natural dog chews at TH Global Vietnam to find the right one for your doggy friend.


100% natural dog wood chew – Coffee wood dog chew

Coffee wood dog chew is well known as a natural dog chew stick manufactured by TH Global Vietnam. Thanks to an abundant source of raw materials from the world’s second largest coffee exporter, TH Global Vietnam’s products are always characterized by high quality and natural aroma.

Coming to us, customers can have a wide selection of coffee bars in both sizes and shapes. Coffee wood chew comes in a bone-shaped stick with great hardness for dogs that are aggressive chewers. Furthermore, for dogs who like interactive games such as tug of war or fetch, coffee wood tugs are the best choices. We have coffee wood tug two or 3 knots, mixed with hemp or cotton rope for every doggy demands. In addition to coffee stick and wood tughang and handle are also well chosen by doggy friends.


Coffee wood dog chew at TH Global Vietnam Co., Ltd

Coffee wood is very susceptible to mold and termites if not carefully preserved. We always strive for the best humidity control in every shipment. We focus on quality and reputation rather than quantity and revenue. The majority of our customers are satisfied with the quality of our products and services and return for re-orders.

natural dog wood chew

Regarding to coffee wood chew packaging, normally, our products when finish the final testing will be pack with plastic bags and desiccant packs to ensure no water contamination during transportation. We also provide other packaging services based on customer’s requirements such as packaging with vacuum bags, labels, etc. All p of our natural dog wood chew after that will be carefully filtered and packed in cartons according to sizes before palletizing and loading containers. If you have any packaging ideas don’t hesitate to share them with us!



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