Direct factory price coffee wood dog chew

Since it becomes more and more popular on the pet market, coffee wood dog chew has gained a lot of customer’s interested. Coffee wood chew is 100% naturally manufacturing will give your doggy friends the most excited chewing time! At TH Global Vietnam, we offer direct factory price coffee wood dog chew for export.

coffre-fort à mâcher pour chien en bois de café

Direct factory price coffee wood dog chew

Understanding the concern of customers, we supply coffee wood dog chew directly to customers at the best price without any middlemen. It is true that, every customers want to buy products directly when their supplier is also the manufacturer. It is not only beneficial in terms of price, but also in the quality control aspect.

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The language barrier will make it easier for customers to find a third party, and of course they will lose a commission to that local agent. With the experience in exporting coffee wood dog chew to many market worlwide, we are trying our best and improving day by day through our international shipments. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we have experienced consultant team will always listen and offer you the best purchasing experience. Hotline: +84-382-803-290/ Email: [email protected]

What is a quality coffee wood dog chew?

Despite supplying direct factory price coffee wood dog chew, quality is must focused factor at TH Global Vietnam. How can I know a quality coffee wood dog chew or not? Normally, the moisture content is one of the most concerns of customers. A good quality coffee wood chew we have moisture content below 15. Moisture plays an important role in preserving coffee wood for a long time and avoiding damage by termites.


Coffee wood chew is a kind of hardwood that is ideal for chewing. It’s like a bone so will make our dogs attractive and enjoy chewing for hours. Coffee wood chew does not easily splinter during chew, its released fibers act as natural dental flosses; they help keep dog’s teeth clean from tartar or plaque build up.

Can my puppy use coffee wood chew?

Puppies like to chew everything as the way for them to explore the world. Coffee wood dog chew has natural aroma will keep puppies occupied for ours. Here we have direct factory price coffee wood dog chew with small sizes of coffee wood for your doggy friends. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.


The manufacturer and wholesaler of sustainable coffee wood dog chew

If you are looking for a manufacturer and wholesaler of coffee wood chew, then TH Global Vietnam is a company to checkout. With many years of experience in production and exporting coffee wood chew, we focus much on customer’s satisfaction. Every shipment is carefully taken care by our skills staffs to collect the most quality product. We are developing and double our production scale to meet the increasing demand nowadays.

Hotline: +84-382-803-290/ Email: [email protected]