benefits of coffee wood dog chew

Top 6 benefits of coffee wood dog chew

Dogs, our loyal friends have big passion on chewing no matter what age they are. Instead of giving your dogs rubber or plastic chews, dogs owners nowadays tend to choose natural chew toy like coffee wood chew for safety. In this articial we will learn about top 6 benefits of coffee wood dog chew that we should know about.

Basic information about coffee wood dog chew

Coffee wood dog chew or Java wood chew is a natural chew stuff made from old coffee branches. The production process of this product is 100% natural by skilled and hard-working people at the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Coffee branches with the diameter from 2cm to 9cm will be collected to manufacture coffee wood dog chew. Take advantages of unused old coffee trees, TH Global Vietnam develop a natural chew toy named coffee wood chew for every dog chew demands. The length of coffee wood chew is based on customers requirements then the manufacturer will cut based on it. Every market will have special size demand for this coffee chew. At TH Global Vietnam we supply all sizes of coffee wood dog chew for every customer’s requirements.

benefits of coffee wood dog chew

Top 6 benefits of coffee wood dog chew

100% naturel et durable

Coffee Wood Dog Chews (or Java wood chew, coffee wood stick, coffee tree wood chew) are 100% natural dog chews, made from coffee tree wood in Vietnam. These woods are sourced in a sustainable way where only coffee trees over 20 years old, with low coffee bean yield are cut down. Coffee Wood Chews are 100% natural production therefore safe for dogs to chew on.

Dental care – one of benefits of coffee wood dog chew

By chewing on coffee wood, dog’s teeth cleaned and their jaw muscles also stronger. Unlike other woods, coffee wood has hardness that can not easily splinter when our dogs chew on. The released soft fibers from coffee wood helps remove tartar and plaque build up on dog’s teeth; protect them from bad breath and other oral diseases. Chewing has the same effect as brushing your dog’s teeth while you don’t have much time to brush their teeth daily.

Coffee wood dog chew has entertainment benefit

If you are often away home to work and leave your dogs alone at home, coffee wood dog chew also can a good solution. Chewing will help release the hormone dopamine – the happiness hormone that makes your furry friend relax all day long.


No artificial ingredients

When manufacturing 100% naturally, coffee wood dog chew at TH Global Vietnam maintain its natural characteristic. From the collecting to finished product, we don’t use any artificial ingredients; therefore, customers can totall can rest assured with our products.

Tops benefits of coffee wood dog chew -natural aroma

Coffee wood dog chews at TH Global Vietnam have natural aroma thanks to good moisture content control. All of coffee sticks have to meet standard moisture content before export. We have a steam drying system and strict humidity tests for each shipment. We focus on quality rather than quantity of orders, therefore, almost all of our customers come back with reorders.

Zéro calories et caféine

Coffee wood dog chew with 0% of caffeine and carolies so the dogs with weight issue also can use. Moreover, chewing on coffee wood is as a way for dogs to excercise their jaw muscles.

2023 double production scale coffee wood dog chew


Chewing on coffee wood has many benefits to our furry friends, especially for their dental and mental health. Since this is a natural wood product, so it’s necessary to take a monitor when your dogs chew on it. Remember to replace the new one when the coffee chew stick has too much splinters.