wood toy for dog


Coffee wood chew is a natural wood toy for dog with many benefits. Let’s go through the article below to learn about this outstanding wood toy for dog. 

Chew in dogs 

Every dog has an interest in chewing as their natural behavior. Chewing helps reduce stress and boredom by creating “happy hormone” such as dopamine. Next to brushing your dogs teeth, the scraping action as dogs chew helps to keep their teeth clean and free of pesky plaque. If plaque accumulates on the tooth’s surface, it can inflame gums and allow tough-to-remove tartar to grow. The result, over time, is the formation of dental disease that can affect the rest of the mouth and body.

wood chew toy for dog

While going for a long walk, throwing a ball around, or taking your dog for a jog around the neighborhood is ideal to shave off layers of energy, chewing is still working muscles. When the weather isn’t nice enough to go outside, a good chew session and mental muscle flex are great ways to wear out an active pup and calm an overactive mind. As we all know, a tired dog is a happy dog! Furthermore, in teething period, almost all puppies start to chew on thing. It is a good and natural way to explore the world outside as well as reduce the pain during their teething. In this period, it is better to find them natural chew such as types of wood toy for dog. 

wood toy for dog

100 natural wood toy for dog 

Coffee wood chew is a natural wood toy for dog popularly nowadays. Thanks to its safety and easy of use, coffee wood with different shapes and sizes must conquer many furry friends. Coffee wood is from high-quality coffee trees in Vietnam – the second largest coffee exporter in the world. Thanks to the stable and quality raw materials, over the years, coffee wood chew from TH Global Vietnam has been chosen by customers worldwide.

wood toy for dog

We export many types of coffee wood toy for dog. Such as coffee chew stick, coffee wood tug, coffee wood mixed with rope, etc. We are constantly improving to meet the increasing demand from international customers. If you are looking for a natural wood toy for dog, then please do not hesitate to contact us for the best consultation! Hotline: WhatsApp: +84-382-803-290/Email: [email protected] 

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