natural chew toys for dogs


Dogs, especially puppies, are have an interest in chewing things. Unfortunately, if they are bored and don’t have any chew toys, they may catch your best pair of shoes to rip apart. I bet this is an common problem of almost all dog’s owners. In this article we have the solution for that by finding top 5 natural chew toys for your dogs. 

natural chew toys for dogs

Why natural chew toys?

As chemical man-made toys are more dangerous. The trend of looking for natural toys for dogs is becoming extremely popular these days. What are the top 5 natural chew toys for dogs?

1/ Wood dog chew toys – popular chew toys for dogs 

Wooden toy products are no longer strange in the list of popular natural chew toys for dogs.
Natural wooden toys contain 0% chemical ingredients so it is extremely safe for the health of dogs. Another advantage of wooden toys is sustainability and stable prices. Some of the best wooden dog toys available today are Coffee wood chew, Olive wood chew, or Heather root. They all share an advantage in cleaning the dog’s teeth, protect dog’s dental health and strengthening their jaw muscles. 


Coffee wood chew at TH Global Vietnam is avaialbe in different shapes and sizes for different dog’s demand. Please kindly contact us for the most suitable size for your  four-legged companion. 

2/ Pig ears 

This is a kind of dog chew treat with the benefit of cleaning dog’s teeth. Chewing on pig ears will bring your dogs excited chewing time. It has many sizes for your best choice at Amazon.

natural chew toys for dogs

3/ Rawhide dog chew toys 

Another name in the list of 5 natural chew toys for dogs is rawhide chew toy. Rawhide is the minimally processed hide of an animal—it’s basically leather. The uncooked skin, or hide, of cattle is stripped of hair, then washed, shaped, and dried. 

natural dog chew toy

4/ Bully stick 

Bully stick is also considered one of the most 5 natural chew toys for dogs. Bully sticks are a single-ingredient, easily-digestible chew treat made from beef muscle. Unlike other treats, bully sticks won’t splinter, and they even help clean your dog’s teeth. Bully sticks come in a variety of sizes and shapes to satisfy chewers of all inclinations.

natural chew toys for dogs

5/ Antler 

Antler is a healthy chew, full of minerals and calcium. They are long lasting, and as they are unprocessed, they will not splinter either. The  Antler satisfies a dog’s natural urge to chew, whilst also helping to strengthen and clean teeth.

natural dog chew toy

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