Benefits Of Coffee Wood Chew For Dogs [UPDATE 2022]

Among many dog chew toys available in the market now, Coffee Wood Chews or Java Wood Chew have gained more popularity and positive feedback from consumers all around the world. In this article, let’s clarify why coffee wood chew can benefit you and your furry friends.

Coffee Wood Chew help dogs to keep calm

The main benefit of coffee wood chew for dogs, including puppies and adults, is its ability to soothe it for biting or tearing off objects it finds. In fact, anxiety and boredom are the main reasons many dogs stay home alone, ruining furniture and clothing: clothes, shoes, or socks. Chewing on coffee wood chew could help dogs reduce boredom and stress, thereby mitigating the risk of your dogs destroying your belongings.

Coffee Wood Chew help to clean gums, teeth and strengthen the jaw muscles

The second benefit of coffee wood chew is to mechanically remove plaque that accumulates on teeth over time. Neglecting to clean your dog’s gums and teeth can cause tooth decay, gingivitis and periodontitis leading to tooth loss and, in severe cases, even heart, kidney or liver disease.

While chewing, the dog will bite out the wood fibers, which have the same effect as dental floss. The wood fibers are safe for your pet and can be swallowed when they are, unlike debris. Fiber is easy and safe to digest. In addition, biting into coffee wood chew helps strengthen jaw muscles. Therefore, coffee wood chew is a great toothbrush, helping to prevent health issues related to tartar and plaque build-up.

Coffee Wood Chew is 100% natural and sustainable chew toy

Coffee wood chew is made 100% naturally from coffee tree wood, without adding any additives, artificial ingredients or preservatives. In addition, coffee tree wood is sourced in an ethical and sustainable way where only coffee trees over 20 years old are cut down.

Coffee Wood Chews are safe for dogs

Coffee wood is non-toxic for dogs. Therefore, chewing on coffee wood chew is safer than chewing on the trees and branches available somewhere around you.

You can’t tell where the stick came from and whether it was chewed by another animal. It can rot, harbor bacteria that can make your dog sick, or have nasty insects lurking inside.

The branch can be from a plant that is toxic to dogs. For example, walnuts, black cherries are just a few examples of plants that are toxic to dogs. Biting and gnawing them can cause digestive problems and breathing problems

Even furniture you have at home can be harmful to dogs, precisely because they are not suitable products for dogs to chew on: The fence posts are treated with insecticides and preservative products wood. Wooden furniture is covered with paints and sealants. Chewing on an old piece of wood can be painful for your dog as well as expensive to visit the vet.

Coffee wood chew is a great option for dogs with allergy and weight issues

Coffee wood chew for dogs contains no calories, so you can allow your dog to chew without worrying about its weight. This means coffee wood chew is ideal for dogs with allergies and is a great alternative to chews that contain calories or sugar.