Coffee Wood Chews For Dogs Why Not?

Come to TH Global Vietnam, and we’ll provide you with the greatest Coffee Wood Chews that your dogs will like. These Chews are fresh from your dog’s imagination. You may be asking why you should care about a wood chew toy when there are lots of sticks and branches laying around outside.

There are several compelling reasons to keep your dog away from that stray stick it found on a walk. Chewing is a natural way for dogs to relieve tension, teething pain, or to satisfy their insatiable chewing urges. Unlike wayward wooden sticks, which can splinter, transmit bacteria, and cause tooth harm, our Coffee Wood Chews are a safe choice for your dog to chew on.


Why are coffee wood chews for dogs considered to be safer?

The chews are gently air dried, which toughens them up nicely and makes them acceptable for even the most over-eager canines! Your dog’s saliva, on the other hand, can gradually break down the chew into soft, small edible fibers, reducing tooth injury. So please no shock if you find the chew breaking down! If you are worried, be sure to remove any little bits, just like you would with any other chew toy or treat.

Coffee wood chews for dogs and variety of uses

Coffee wood chews for puppies contain multiple of uses: 

Dental health is safeguarded

These wood chew toys maintain your dog’s teeth in tip-top shape by scraping away plaque and tartar and preventing periodontal disease. So, he’ll always be ready to flaunt those pearly whites.

100% Natural and Easy to Digest

Our Coffee Wood Chews are constructed of natural wood and are free of toxins. When chewed, they soften and break down into safe and digestible fibers. This is ideal for dogs, who have a strong desire to chew; while keeping their stomachs safe.

For whom are these chews intended?

Our Coffee Wood Chews are suitable for dogs of all ages and sizes. From teething puppies to senior ones / old dogs. That’s why the Chews are available in four different sizes. Ensuring that there’s always one that’s just right for your pooch.


Where does coffee wood chews for dogs come from?

By using by-products – a widely recognized and vital contributor to sustainability – we ensure that nothing goes to waste. By contributing to these constructive solutions, we can ensure that future generations will be able to thrive alongside mother nature.

Coffee wood is a natural by-product of the coffee bean harvesting process. This implies that we shouldn’t chop or uproot trees. During the harvesting process, this is just for the purpose of producing these 100 percent natural tooth chews. Meaning that you’ll be doing your part to keep both the environment and your dog happy!


Here are several reasons why you should give your dog coffee wood chews. If you found this post to be useful, please share it with your friends and family. We’ve talked a lot about our product in this post. And how great it is in all sizes and forms to fulfill all of our clients’ needs. Please contact us for more information and to speak with the finest consultant!

TH Global Vietnam can provide a wood toy for dogs manufactured from coffee wood with bespoke labels and branding, depending on the needs of the customer.