Coffee Wood Chew


Why do you choose coffee wood chew for dog? It is a popular question from dog’s owners. What benefits of coffee woodchew make it a trendy dog product nowadays? 


Coffee woodchew for dog or Java wood chew is no longer unfamiliar to dogs, especially aggressive chewers. This product has high level of durability which can keep your dog being excited for a long time! Coffee wood chew is natural from coffee wood in Vietnam which still maintain their natural aroma. The manufacturing process is 100% natural that make every finished coffee wood chew keep the original nutrients and aroma. 

Coffee Wood Chew

Coffee wood chew is ideal for dogs in different ages and sizes. It has outstanding benefits on cleaning dog’s teeth and protect their oral health in general. 

What are the benefits of coffee woodchew for dog that we can list?

1/ High quality ✓

Coffee wood chew does not contain rawhide and is made of 100% shatterproof coffee tree wood. Over time, soft fibers – which are not dangerous – could be nibbled off

2/ Natural ✓

Chewing on the robust coffee tree bone prevents the formation of dental tartar and strengthens the masticatory muscles of your dog – for strong and healthy teeth.

coffee wood chew for dog

3. Dental health ✓

Our wooden chewing toy for dogs is a natural toy that improves your dog’s dental hygiene. Hence, bad breath and sore teeth are now a thing of the past.

4/ Universal ✓

Our dog toy is indestructible and suitable for aggressive chewers. Thanks to our different sizes, the dog chew is ideal for small, medium, and large dogs of all breeds

5/ Sustainable ✓

Coffee wood chew for dog is from 100% coffeewood and does not contain any chemicals or artificial additives, making it environmentally friendly for you and your pet.


TH Global Vietnam is an experienced manufacturer and exporter of coffee wood chew and other dog products. In addition to coffee wood chew, we also supply coffee wood tug, dog rope toy, etc. for various demands. 

Please kindly contact us for a free consultation! Our hotline: +84-382-803-290 or email: [email protected] 

coffee wood chew for dog

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