coffee wood chew for export


Dog wood chew toy coffee wood chew for export! As a popular crop in Vietnam, coffee brings positive economic benefits to Central Highlands farmers, step by step improve their living. Referring to coffee, we will immediately think of Vietnam, the second largest coffee exporter in the world after Brazil. Thanks to the favorable climate and soil conditions, the coffee here has its own unique taste. With the development of industries and globalization, Vietnamese coffee have the opportunity to conquer foreign markets. In addition to delicious drinks, coffee trunks and branches now become potential export products for dogs chewing. Let’s learn about coffee wood chew for export in the article below!

coffee wood chew for export

Coffee is not only for drink

Old coffee trees when they have exhausted their ability to give seeds, instead of being burned, they will be used to make a very popular dog toy today – COFFEE WOOD CHEW. From taking advantage of coffee stalks, farmers have more opportunities to increase their income. And we believe, this is also one of the special missions of TH Global Vietnam. With natural products from the hard work of Vietnamese farmers, we strongly believe that they will be widely accepted worldwide.

Vietnam coffee

Coffee wood chew benefits

Coffee wood chew for export need to meet quality stadards before exporting worldwide. At TH Global Vietnam coffee chews ar-e expose-d naturally in the sun to have a beautiful natural yellow color. This dog wood chew reached a certain humidity will b-e sto-red in the warehouse with standard conditions of temperature, light, and moisture content for long-lasting use. Chewing coffee wood chew helps remove tartar or plaque buildup on dog’s teeth as well as simulate their denatl health and strengthen jaw’s muscle.

coffee wood chew for export

Coffee wood chew for export

With many years of experience in exporting coffee wood chew to international markets, we commits to bring customers high-quality products. C-offee wood chew at TH Global Vietnam meet the criteria of moisture for export. We provide customers releated documents for importing our coffee wood chew to their countries. If you want to coffee wood chew and don’t know how to start, just contact us for a free consultation. Hotline: +84-382-803-290 / Email: [email protected]


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