Coffee wood chew is a long-lasting dog chew toy manufactured from hardest coffee wood in Vietnam. 

This product offers a high level of durability during chew.

Coffee chew is not easy to be splintered and  have natural aroma which can keep your dog being excited all day.

coffeee wood chew natural dog toy

Coffee wood chew has outstanding advantages to our dogs.

Coffeewoodchew or Java woodchew is no longer strange to dog’s owners thanks to its outstanding advantages to our dogs.

This dog chew toy is 100% naturally manufactured; therefore, it contains 0% of caffeine or artificial ingredients.

Coffee wood is hardwood therefore it does not easily splinter into sharp shards during chew.

coffee wood chew

After a chewing time, coffee_wood_chew releases into soft fibers that act as natural dental flosses help clean dog’s teeth.

Chewing coffee wood also helps strengthen dog’s jaw muscles and release stress.

How long does coffee woodchew last for?

This is the most common question from dog’s owners.

In fact, the lasting time of coffee wood really depends on the chewing habit of our dog.

If he is an aggressive chewer or not. Normally, a stick of coffee_wood_chew will last for 2 weeks with moderate chewing frequency in dogs.

However, for low-quality coffee_wood chews, the use time will be shorter. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the reliable manufacturer.

coffee wood chew

Where to buy high-quality coffee woodchew at good price?

TH Global Vietnam is a wholesaler of high-quality coffee chew. We have many sizes and shapes of coffee wood chews

to meet various chewing demands of your four-legged friends. For better reference, you can take a look at our Alibaba Store.

In addition to coffee chew, we also supply other dog chew toys such as coffee wood tug, dog rope toy, handle, hang, etc.

Please contact us for a free consultation.


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