coffee wood chew



100% natural coffee wood chew will satisfy your dog’s desire to chew while cleaning their teeth’s tartar or plaque built up.  

This product is made from 100% natural coffee wood; therefore, they are free from any harmful additives or artificial flavors.

Coffee chew is a perfect boredom and stress released chew toy for your furry friends.

These wood chews slowly break down into soft and small digestible pieces. However, it’s better to supervise your dog with any chew/treats.

Specifically, when they are small enough to swallow whole, you should replace it by a new one. The use time of coffee wood chew really depends on

the strength of your dog’s chewing.


If you are concerned about choosing the right size of coffee wood chew for your dogs, please do not hesitate to contact us by our hotline:

+84-382-803-290 (WhatsApp) or visit our Alibaba Store.


At TH Global Vietnam, we supply coffee wood chew in different for various purchasing demands. You can take a reference about our best-selling sizes of this product as below:

dog toy coffee wood chew size

Ingredients: 100% sustainably sourced from natural Coffee wood in the highlands of Vietnam.

Is coffee wood safe for my puppies?

Because coffee wood chew is 100% naturally itself so there is no worry about the bad effect of this dog chew to our small puppies.

This product is best suggested for puppies aged 18 weeks and older. In the early ages, puppies tend to chew on things as a way of

exploring the outside world by themselves. In addition, in their teething process, chewing on things help puppies reduce pain or unpleasant feeling.

coffee wood chew

Does coffee woodchew have flavor?

This wood stick has a natural wood aroma without any additives. They are caffeine and artificial flavors free.


The wholesaler of coffee wood chew – TH Global Vietnam Co., Ltd

For many years of experience in manufacturing and exporting coffee wood chews worldwide,

TH Global Vietnam Co., Ltd supply customers high-quality products at the best wholesale price. We have dog wood chew toys

in different types, shapes, and sizes for various customer’s demand.

If you are looking for a wholesale partner of coffee wood chew and other dog products, then welcome to be our partner.

coffee wood chew


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