Many dogs owners have the same concern about the safety of coffee wood dog chew since this product becomes more and more popular nowadays. Is coffee wood dog chew safe?

The return to nature

Dog owners tend to seek safer and more sustainable dog products for their four-legged friends. Because nowadays, artificial dog toys are no longer safe and sustainable alternatives. Nowadays, coffee wood dog chew is more and more popular thanks to its natural characteristics.

coffee wood dog chew safe

What makes coffee wood dog chew safe for dogs?

Coffee wood chew or Java wood chew is the name of natural wood dog chew toy. This product is 100% natural without any artificial or harmful ingredients to dog’s health. With natural aroma, coffee wood dog chew will keep your dog excited all day long.  This product contains zero caffeine and calories which make it well suited even for dogs with weight issues. Besides, coffee wood is also highly recommended for dog chewing thanks to its incredible effect on dog’s dental health and jaw muscles strengthening!

Some customers concern if coffee wood chew safe for their dogs or not, even they are aggressive chewers. Actually, after long time using, coffee wood chew will be released. But this wood dog chew does not release into not as sharp debris but soft fibers. These fibers is helful for dog’s dental care. They help clean dog’s teeth and keep our dogs away from dental diseases or bad breath.


Is coffee wood dog chew safe for my puppy?

Puppies are just like children when it like to exploring the world around. They like to chew on objects during teething to minimize pain and help train their jaw muscles to become stronger. Because puppies can not self-awaness of what they put into their mouth, so it is neccessary to check their chew object. Is coffee wood chew safe for my puppies? Coffee wood chew at TH Global Vietnam is 100% natural and available in small sizes for puppies. We have been exporting to Asian markets that the demands mostly for small sizes. If you are wondering what is the suggested size of coffee wood for your pup, please don’t be hesitate to contact us.

coffee wood chew safe for puppy

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