coffee wood chew

Coffee wood chew strengthens dog’s jaw muscles

Coffee wood chew is a high-quality dog chew toy with many outstanding benefits to our dogs.

This product is manufactured from 100% natural coffee wood in Vietnam.

The wood is one of the most hardest wood with attactive aroma. It is ideal for making dog’s chew toys.


Similar to Olive wood, coffee woodchew does not splinter easily during chew thanks to its hardwood structure.

What are the advantages of Coffee woodchew?  Let’s take a look at the article below. 

The advantage of coffee wood chew 

What advantages can we find in a coffee_wood_chew? In addition to a natural aroma which attracts dogs,

coffee chew has a good effect on dog’s dental health. This hardwood does not easily splinter during chew

;therefore limits the risk of damage to dog’s teeth and digestive systems.


This dog chew toy contains 0% of artificial ingredients or caffein so it is safe for our dogs to chew on.

Dogs with weight issuess also can use it because this product has no colories. 

Coffee wood chew strengthen dog’s jaw muscles.

Chewing is not only helps dogs release stress but also a way of imporoving their jaw’s muscles and dental health.

Natural released fibers from coffee wood chew act as dental flosses that clean up tartar or plague built up in dog’s teeth.

coffee wood chew

Chewing for a long time makes the dog’s mouth muscles and teeth stronger. 

Coffee woodchew is suggested for dogs with all sizes dure to its natural characteristic. 

Where to buy high-quality dog wood chew toys at good prices?

TH Global Vietnam is an experienced manufactured and wholesaler of wood dog chew toys in Vietnam.

We supply dog chew toys in many shapes and sizes for various dog chew demands. 

coffee wood tug

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