coffee wood tug benefits


Dogs – our furry friends have passion on chewing. They like to find out and chew on things as one of their natural species characteristics. However, this habit at least once cause unexpected troubles to the dog’s owners when the dogs start to chew on household’s objects, tables, kitchen cabin, clothes, socks, etc. From that concern, many types of chew toys for dogs are manufactured, especially the natural product line. Coffee wood chew stick and coffee wood tug are the two popular dog chew toys that we can find nowdays. They are 100% natural and sustainable. What are the coffee wood tug benefits and what are the advantages of coffee wood chew? Let’s find out through the article below. 

coffee wood tug benefits

Natural wood dog chew toy

The coffee wood tug and coffee wood chew are the best-selling wood chew toys at TH Global Vietnam. They have many benefits to our dogs, especially their dental health. These natural wood dog chew toys are highly suggested for dogs with weight issues since they contain 0% of sugar or caffeine. Chew on coffee wood helps dogs reduce stress and increase the production of happy hormones like dopamine.

coffee wood tug benefits

Coffee wood tug or coffee wood chew stick? 

Based on different demands or habits, our dogs will prefer a stick or a tug chew. Each product will have their featured benefits that attracted dogs. Coffee wood chew stick shaped like a bone and has a certain hardness that stimulates dogs who like to chew and conquer. Coffee wood chew stick is hard so does not easily splinter. This chew stick is perfect for dogs to play together. 

Regarding to coffee wood tug benefits, we will refer to its flexibility which make it is useful for tug of war or fetch games. In addition to hard coffee wood, coffee wood tug is made from natural rope with outstanding effect on dog’s dental care. The rope material can be from jute, natural cotton, or hemp ropes. They act as natural dental flosses help clean dog’s teeth effectively. 


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