coffee wood tug


Dog owners tend to look for natural dog toys since the artificial dog toys are no longer safe and sustainable products.

There are several natural dog chew toys such as Coffee wood chew, coffee wood tug, cotton rope, etc. that have outstanding benefits for our dogs.

In this article, we will find out about the coffee wood tug and its outstanding advantages that make it become a trending dog chew toy nowadays.

dog toy coffee wood chew tug

What is coffee wood tug?

It is a kind of dog chew toy which is manufactured 100% naturally from old coffee trees in Vietnam.

The difference between this tug toy and coffee wood chew is the added rope.

At TH Global Vietnam, we made c-offee wood tug from hemp, jute or cotton rope based on specific customer’s demands.

The tugs are high-quality and safe for dogs to chew on.

Coffee wood tug

What are the benefits of Coffee wood tug?

Similar to coffee wood chew, this dog chew toy is 100% natural without any artificial ingredients.

It is ideal for dog dental care thanks to its cleaning feature via fibers. It is also helpful for strengthening dog’s jaw muscle.

With natural aroma, coffee_wood_tug will bring your furry friends the most exciting chewing time.

coffee wood tug

What the applications of coffee _wood _tug?

This product is perfect for the games such as fetch or tug of war that help enhance the relationship between dogs and dogs’ owners.

In some case, it is also used for dogs to play with each other or to chew alone.

Is it easy to preserve?

One of the most common concerns of dog owners is about the conservation of this dog chew toy.

Is coffee_wood_tug easy to preserve? Thanks to its natural characteristics, it’s not hard for us to preserve this dog chew toy.

We just need to store it in a dry place, avoid moisture to keep its good quality for a long time.

coffee wood tug

TH Global Vietnam – The supplier of high-quality coffee wood tug and other dog chew toys.

Taking pride in being one of the leading suppliers of dog chew toys from Vietnam,

TH Global Vietnam offers customers coffee_wood_tug at the best wholesale price. In addition to coffee_wood_tug,

we also supply other dog toy products such as coffee wood chew stick, cotton rope, hang, ring, handle, … Learn more about our products at our Alibaba Store.

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