Does coffee wood chew contain caffeine?

Since coffee wood chew becomes a trendy dog chew toy on the market, there are some questions related to its safety to dogs. Does coffee_wood_chew contain caffeine? Can my over-weighted dog chew on it? In order to find the answers of these questions and to better understand of this trendy product, we will go through the article below.


What is Coffee wood chew?

Coffee_wood_chew or Java wood chew is a wood chew toy for dogs. Similar to Olive wood chew, Coffee_wood_chew has hardwood construction which is not easy to broken during chew.


Coffee wood dog chew from TH Global Vietnam Co., Ltd is sourced from over 20 years old coffee trees in the highlands of Vietnam. This dog chew toy is manufactured  100% natural therefore, it is safe for dogs even they are puppies.

Coffee_wood_chew is available in different sizes for dogs. You can take a reference on the sizes of this product corresponding to dog sizes by click HERE. 

Does coffee wood chew contain caffeine?

The question of “does coffee_wood_chew contain coffeine” is the concern of many dog’s owners. Thanks to 100% naturally manufacturing process, Coffee chew at TH Global Vietnam contains 0% of caffeine. Therefore, dogs with weight issues can also use this product. Coffee dog chew also has perfect effect on pet dental care.


The soft released fibers from this wood chew will act as natural dental flosses. They help clean tartar or plaque accumulated in dog teeth over a long period of time. Furthermore, Coffee chew is also an ideal chew toy to strengthen pet’s jaw muscles. Chewing on this wood stick helps reduce stress and anxiety in dogs, too.

TH Global Vietnam Co., Ltd – the reliable manufacturer and supplier of high-quality coffee wood dog chew

Do you know how to choose a high-quality coffee wood dog chew? Please contact  TH GLOBAL VIETNAM CO., LTD then all of your concerns will be taken care of by our enthusiastic consultants.

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