Eco-Friendly wooden dog chew

Eco-friendly wooden dog chew 

Since chemical chew toys have disadvantages in terms of their safety for dogs and their durability during chewing, natural toys are becoming more popular than ever. The coffee chew sticks are made out only of coffee tree wood. Coffee wood chew is an eco-friendly wooden dog chew which is very hard, hypoallergenic and 100% natural. They don’t contain artificial ingredients, preservatives, flavorings, calories, sugar or caffeine. Therefore they are suitable for dogs with allergies or that are overweight. 



Wood from coffee trees is much harder than sticks found in your local forest. Your dog will enjoy chewing it for a long time!
From coffee wood come off only fine wood fibers, that can be swallowed and digested by dog without any problem. These fine wood fibers serve as a toothbrush. So our chewing sticks helps in the natural cleaning of dog teeth and also strengthens the dental muscles.

Outstanding benefits of coffee wood chew

100% natural 

Eco-friendly wooden dog chew! No artificial ingredients, preservatives, flavourings, calories, sugar or caffeine!


This chew can help clean your dog’s teeth naturally as they chew on the stick, helping to fight plaque and tartar buildup. Fine wood fibres serve as a toothbrush.

coffee wood chew production


The density and hardness of the coffee wood chew ensures that this toy will last a long time, even against the most powerful of chewers.


The coffee wood chew will not splinter into sharp pieces that can injure dogs’ mouths.

Eco-friendly wooden dog chew is sustainable

Made of renewable coffee wood and without artificial additives, making it environmentally friendly.


TH Global Vietnam Co., ltd is the manufacturer and wholesaler of eco-friendly wooden dog chew – coffee wood chew. We are the experience supplier and exporter of coffee wood chew based in Vietnam – the second largest coffee exporter in the world.  Thanks to the favorable climate and wide arable land, our coffee wood meets quality standards with good taste and aroma. Besides coffee wood sticks, we also supply other types of eco-friendly wooden dog chews to meet various demands.

dog toy coffee wood chew

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