How long does coffee wood chew last?

Coffee wood chew is becoming one of the most sought after wooden dog toys today. Since it becomes the trendy dog chew toy, there are many questions about coffee wood chews as well as their safety for dogs.

What is coffee wood chew?

Coffee wood chew is a natural dog chew toy sourced from over 20 years old coffee trees in Vietnam. Insteading of being cut off, hard coffee branches are used to make a chew toy for dogs.

Coffee chew is 100% vegan without sugar, caffeine, or any artificial ingredients.


Can puppies chew on coffee wood ?

Puppies are just like children when it comes to exploring the world around them. So there is nothing strange with the image of an aggressive chewing puppy. Puppies chew on objects during teething to minimize pain and help train their jaw muscles to become stronger. They explore objects around them directly through their mouth. One question, is all the object safe for puppies?

coffee wood chew

Since they are not self-aware of the objects they chew on, there is a chance that our puppy will get sick with bacteria from unsafe objects. And then, Coffee_wood_chew or Java wood chew is manufactured as a safer chewing solution for our fragile puppies. Due to manufacturing 100% naturally, coffee wood dog chew contains 0% artificial ingredients or harmful substances to dogs.

High-quality coffee wood dog chews will satisfy your puppies for hours!

How long do coffee wood dog chews last?

One of the most common questions from dog owners when letting their dogs using coffee wood dogchew related to its durability and safety. How long do coffee wood chews last?

The use time of coffee_wood_chew really depends on the dog chewing habit. If  your dog is an agressive chewer or they just chew for entertaint!? Because of hardwood structure, high-quality coffee wood chews sticks will last for 2 weeks with moderate chewing levels in dogs.

coffee wood chew

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