how to help my dog lose weight



On average, 4 out of every 10 dogs are affected by being overweight. Just like in humans, weight gain can harm your dog’s health by causing them to quickly become obese! Obesity causes many problems that negatively affect the health of dogs such as: Heart disease, reduced life expectancy, knee problems, breathing problems, fatigue, increased risk of stroke, diabetes, problems joint problems, including arthritis, pancreatic problems. Improper diet is the main cause of weight gain: more calories consumed than the animal needs will create excess energy that will be stored by it as fat. How to help my dog lose weight? The article below will give you some solutions! 

how to help my dog lose weight


To answer the question of “how to help my dog lose weight?” you can take a reference of our suggestions above. 

Follow a proper diet for your dog

Maintaining your dog’s healthy weight is the basis of its health capital! For this, there is nothing better than preventing overweight by adopting a specific diet for your little friend!

how to help my dog lose weight?

You can change the way you feed them. For example, distribute his ration to him in an anti-gluttonous tray such as the rigid tray with half-rollers. It comes in the form of a large tray with obstacles through which your dog will happily catch pebbles with his tongue or front paws.

Help my dog lose weight by chewing toys 

Natural dog toys are also ideal for limiting excess weight and promote fun for your pet.

dog toy coffee wood chew

Among the toys, Coffee Wood Chew for dogs does not have any ingredients of animal origin or artificial additives. The wood dog chew is zero-calories, so you can allow your dog to chew without worrying about its weight. This means that coffee wood chew is ideal for dogs with allergies and makes a great alternative to meat chews or chews that contains carbs or sugar. This will both benefit your oral hygiene and help exercise your dog’s jaw muscles. 

Exercise your dog

An important cause of overweight is also inactivity, not only because your dog refuses to exercise, but also because inactivity can lead to anxiety and bulimia. Therefore, minimal physical activity is necessary to maintain a dog’s healthy weight and mental health.

how to help my dog lose weight?

You can use Coffee Wood Chew to throw your dog to practice, they will be exercised by running after the toy wood, they will enjoy for hours with this toy without the need for other toys. Furthermore,in order to protect your dogs from obesity, you should give them the right diet, the best exercise and suitable chew toys. Coffee Wood Chew is the best chew toy which is suggested for dogs with weight issues. 

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