Is coffee wood chew safe for puppies?

Is coffee wood chew safe for puppies?

Do you have a small puppy that loves to chew all of your furniture? Are you planning to buy him a chewable toy like Coffee wood chew but still wondering if it is safe for puppies? Let’s do some analysis and evaluation below!

Chewing is a natural habit of all dogs even when they are puppies

It seems natural when we catch up with a puppy keeping a piece of wood in his mouth. Dog likes to chew on wood and anything he finds as a way of entertainment. Have you ever wondered about the cause of your dog’s chewing behavior?

Chewing is most often a problem during the teething period of puppies. They would like to chew on anything they find while they are sprouting teeth. While babies learn about the new world by stories from adults, puppies explore the world around them with their mouths.

However, at the early stage of their life, puppies cannot be aware of dangers from what they bring in their mouth.

Sometimes, puppies may be hurtful due to sharp branches or thorns they find outside. Moreover, branches might contain bacteria or chemicals inside that are not good for the puppy’s health.

Coffee wood chew – a safer solution for our puppy’s chewing habit.

To reduce unexpected risks from unknown stuff and furthermore to protect our fragile puppies, natural dog toys are manufactured. They help diversify dogs’ entertainment ways and still ensure the safety of our puppies when playing with them.

Coffee wood chew or Java wood chew is one of the most popular dog-chew toys nowadays, made from natural coffee trees. It is hard enough to not be broken into sharp debris that can hurt puppies when chewing on. Besides, when being released, its fibers act as natural dental floss that helps clean tartar and plaque build-up. Moreover, thanks to being manufactured 100% naturally without any artificial ingredients or preservatives, this product is totally safe for puppies.

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Where to buy high-quality Coffee wood chews for our puppies?

As pet lovers, we always want the best things for our pets, and of course, a high-quality dog chew toy is always our top priority. Among a wide range of pet toy suppliers on the market, where to buy a high-quality Coffee wood chew for our puppies?

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