Is coffee wood chew digestible?

Coffee wood chew is becoming one of the most popular wood dog chew toys on the market. Coffee wood chew is mostly manufactured in shape of bone sticks which makes it be more attractive for dogs. Because of direct contact with the dog’s mouth when chewing, the question of the safety of coffee wood chew attracts the attention of many dog owners. Is coffee wood chew digestible? And is it safe for our dog?



What is Coffee wood chew?

To answer the question of “Is coffee wood chew digestible?”, we firstly learn about this wood dog chew toy. Coffee wood chew or Java wood chew is a kind of chew toy for dogs on the market. It is sourced from over 20 years old coffee trees in the highlands of Vietnam.

Is coffee wood chew safe for our dogs?

Since it is becoming one of the most sought-after wood dog chew toys, we can somewhat count on its safety for our four-legged friends. Thanks to 100% natural manufacturing process, Coffee wood chew maintains its natural aroma. Coffee wood chew contains 0% of caffeine, sugar, or artificial ingredients.

Is coffee wood chew digestible?

Is coffee wood chew digestible?

Regarding to wood chew toys, pet owners may have worry about the sharp debris that can hurt dog’s mouth or their digestive system when accidentally swallowed.

Is coffee wood chew digestible? Coffee wood chew is one of the hardest woods thus it is not easily broken when pets chew on. Its organic fibers, on the other hand, are great for your dog’s oral health. These fibers can be digestible in a little amount as a natural source of fiber.

However, if your dog is an aggressive chewer, you better monitor he especially when the coffee wood chew has been used for a certain long time.

In the other hand, in comparison with other woods, the hardness of coffee wood is something that is worthy to try!


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From the article, now we can have the answer for the question “Is coffee wood chew digestible?” is that it is digestible and safe for our dogs to chew on.  Do you know how to choose a high-quality coffee wood chew toy your dog? Please contact  TH GLOBAL VIETNAM CO., LTD then all of your concerns will be taken care of by our enthusiastic consultants.

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