Is coffee wood dog chew sustainable?

“Is coffee wood dog chew sustainable?” is the concern of many customers since coffee wood dog chew is more and more popular in the pet market. Let’s learn about this durable wood chew by the article below.


Vietnam coffee wood dog chew

Coffee wood is popular plant in Vietnam – the second-largest coffee exporter in the world. Coffee i-s mainly planted in the Central Highlands of Vietnam thanks to the advantages of the soil and climate. Vietnam coffee was first introduced by the French in 1857. The Vietnamese coffee industry developed through the plantation system, becoming a major economic force in the country.

coffee wood chew from TH Global Vietnam

Coffee wood dog chew is a type of dog chew toy with interesting production story. In the past, Vietnamese coffee farmers normally burnned or threw the old coffee trees after cutting down to plant new ones. Such burning harmed the environment and wasted resources. Coffee wood dog chew is a smart solution which takes advanntages of of old coffee trees materials.

Coffee wood dog chew sustainable ?

We know that coffee trees need regular pruning to increase yield coffee beans and reduce prevalance of disease. In fact, when they reach to 20 years old, coffee trees will be cutted down for new trees planted. Instead of being burnt or shredded as before, now we can give give old coffee trees a good use. Is to make coffee wood dog chew.


Manufacturing coffee wood dog chew brings good effect to the environment protection while no more old coffee trees ar-e burnt or threw away. Coffee wood dog chew sustainable because it is renewable resource. Cutting old coffee trees is neccessary to increase yield coffee beans and reduce prevalance of disease.

What are the benefits of coffee wood dog chew to our dogs?

It is no longer unfamiliar when we catch a dog with something in their mouth. Dogs love to chew and chew almost everytime. 100% natural and sustainable coffee wood dog chew has many benefits to our dogs; especially dental care effect. Small fibers released from coffee wood helps remove tartar and plaque bulit up on dog’s teeth. Chewing on coffee wood also ideal in strengthening dog’s jaw’s muscles. Coffee wood dog chew is vegan without artificial ingredients or caffeince; therefore, dogs with weight issues can also use.


The manufacturer and wholesaler of sustainable coffee wood dog chew

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natural dog wood chew

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