wood dog chew toy coffee wood tug


Coffee wood tug is  a natural dog wood chew toy that your dog should try once. Similar to coffee wood chew, Coffee wood tug has outstanding benefits to our dogs.

Let’s go through the article below to find out the advantages of this ideal product!

wood dog chew toy coffee wood tug
wood dog chew toy coffee wood tug

What is Coffee wood tug?

Coffee wood tug or tug is generally known as a natural dog toy. It is the mix of Coffee wood and the rope; therefore, perfectly suit for interactive games.

Its rope material can be hemp, cotton, or coconut coir rope based on customer’s demands and the chewing habit of our furry friends. 

At TH Global Vietnam, our coffee wood tug is available in different shapes, sizes, and rope material for your various choices.

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What are the advantages of Coffee wood tug?

Since it becomes one of the most popular dog wood chew toy on the market, there are several advantages that we can find in this dog toy. Similar to coffee wood chew, Coffee wood tug is manufactured 100% natural from old coffee trees in Vietnam. It is safe for our dogs to chew on even dogs with weight issue. Coffee wood tug has benefits to dog’s dental health.


Firbers from ropes or coffee chew act as natural dental flosses that help remove plaque and tartar build up in dog teeth.

With natural aroma, this wood dog chew toy will bring our pets the most excited chewing time! 

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Where to buy coffee wood tug – dog wood chew toy at a good price?

Are you looking for a natural wood dog chew toy for your four-legged companion? Yes, at TH Global Vietnam, we have best products that meet your special demands.

In addition to coffee wood tug, we also wholesale supply other types of dog wood chew toys for different dog chewing habits. Our chew toys available in different types and sizes based on your demand.

They are coffee wood stick, ring, handle, hang, etc. at the best wholesale prices. Please kindly contact us for a free consultation. 

dog toy coffee wood chew

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