Natural Dog Chew And Things You Should Know

Your dog’s safety and health should always come first when selecting chew toys. Rawhide, which is made out of dried animal skin, can create blockages if ingested, while other animal-derived chews can cause everything from microbial contamination to stomach issues to damaged teeth. Check out our information about natural dog chew toys and our curated collection of the best toys instead of chewable toys that are harmful to your dog’s health.

What is a natural dog chew?

Since, dogs require constant chewing and chewing is really beneficial to them. So,  providing them with a natural and safe alternative to some of the more risky items they munch on is highly suggested. Natural chews are usually made from animals and are virtually always delicious.

Although many animal parts may be dehydrated, dried, or boiled, a natural chew must be large or sturdy enough to keep your dog chewing for an extended period of time.

Your dog has certain requirements and preferences, so you’ll need to figure out which natural dog chew is best for him.

A dog chew maybe is the one your dog needs
A dog chew maybe is the one your dog needs

Natural dog chews have health benefits

What you’re looking for in a dog’s natural chew is determined by your goals. If all you want to do is treat your dog, most dog chews will suffice. Your dog’s chews, on the other hand, may be beneficial to his health in ways you didn’t expect.

Dental Care

The natural need to chew stems from your dog’s ancestors. Wild dogs and wolves clean their teeth by chewing. Gnawing on bones, tendons, and raw flesh kept their teeth in good shape. While chewing provides several dental advantages, caring for your dog’s teeth is more difficult and requires a more human-like approach: toothbrushing.

Natural chews are a desired choice for many dogs that are less enthusiastic about their weekly toothbrushing sessions. Natural chews are tasty and always appreciated by your dog. Varying varieties of natural chews provide different amounts of dental care, so it’s a good idea to give your dog a weekly rotation of natural chews. This can also make chewing more enjoyable and thrilling.

Softer chews are excellent for getting between teeth and other hard-to-reach areas, while tougher chews last longer and help your dog to eliminate stuck-on bacteria build-up. Some chews are more dangerous than others, and not all chews are suitable for all dogs.


Natural chews are a great way to keep your dog entertained, content, and safe. While you’re working, look for a long-lasting chew to keep your dog occupied. The chew may not take up all of their free time, but it should provide them with something to concentrate on for a brief time.


Anxiety can lead to self-destructive behavior. Separation anxiety is a widespread affliction. This is most common when a dog is afraid of being left alone. Giving your dog a natural chew might provide a welcome break from the mundane rituals that can cause anxiety.

When they perceive signals of your leaving, some dogs become anxious. Your dog equates putting on your shoes, hunting for your keys, and packing a suitcase with being left alone. By distracting them with a natural chew, your pet will learn to be more at ease when left alone. This won’t eliminate separation anxiety, but it’s a good start toward lowering destructive behaviors and getting your dog used to being alone.

Natural dog chew can make your pup feels less anxiety
Natural dog chew can make your pup feels less anxiety


Protein, fat, and minerals are all included in many chews. Natural chews can be a great way to add variety to your diet.

While no chew can replace a well-balanced meal, a variety of chews can supplement your dog’s nutritional requirements.

Protein and fat content are generally high in natural chews. They can help your older pet gain and retain muscle by adding calories to his or her diet.

Things to consider when choosing a dog natural chew:

There are numerous safe and natural chew alternatives available, but you must choose the proper one for your pup. Here are some typical concerns that will influence the sort of chew you give your pet:


Limiting calories to match your pet’s activity level and metabolism will help you manage their weight. Treats are frequently the first thing omitted from an overweight dog’s routine while trying to care for them. Some natural chews are heavy in fat and calories, which might exacerbate weight-related issues.

While eliminating treats and chews may help your pet lose weight, they will be losing out on the numerous health advantages that come with eating natural chews. Fortunately, some solutions allow your dog to chew and eat at the same time!

Because most chews are manufactured from animals, carbohydrates and sugars aren’t an issue. Instead, the calories in these snacks come from fat and protein. Look for chews that are lower in calories and include them in your dog’s regular calorie intake.

You may balance out your dog’s calories by providing a lesser meal if you give them a natural chew. Alternatively, take them for a long walk or a vigorous game of fetch to burn off any additional calories they absorbed.


Finding the perfect treats for dogs with allergies can be difficult. Some of the most prevalent protein sensitivities are also included in some of the most readily accessible natural chews.

Itchy dogs must chew as well, so pick a chew that won’t aggravate your dog’s allergies. To meet their chewing demands, look for different and novel proteins.


Your puppy will want to chew throughout the teething stage, which occurs between the ages of 4 weeks and 6 months. Chewing can help reduce discomfort, loosen baby teeth, and bring adult teeth closer to the gum line.

While chewing is a crucial aspect of teething, keep in mind that these teeth are more fragile. Too harsh or thick chews should be avoided. Baby teeth, as well as newly surfaced adult teeth, are more prone to cracking and fracturing.

Choosing a right natural wood chew for dog
Choosing a right natural wood chew for dog

Top natural dog chew of 2022

Here are the top natural dog chew of this year:

Soopa Sweet Potato Chews

Soopa Sweet potato chews are a tasty and nutritious chew treat for your dog. They are naturally high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and their rich orange color indicates that they are strong in carotenoids, which serve to enhance vision and promote disease immunity.

Sweet potato, one of nature’s superfoods, has beneficial bacteria that helps to regulate digestion and soothe sensitive stomachs in dogs. Sweet potatoes are inherently sweet, yet their natural sugars are delivered slowly into the circulation, ensuring a balanced and consistent supply of energy. Simple, tasty, healthy, and suitable for all dogs.

Earth Animal No-Hide

Earth Animal’s No-Hide Dog Chews are a chemical-free, safer alternative to rawhide. No-Hide Dog Chews include no rawhide and are created with high-quality, human-grade materials. They’re also simple to digest. They are hand-rolled, boiled, and dried in a way that makes them readily digestible and healthy. Chemicals, additives, bleaches, and formaldehyde are completely absent. The chews provide dogs of all shapes and sizes with long-lasting chewing joy!

Natures Menu Raw Marrow Bones

Raw marrow bones are an excellent source of minerals and other nutrients, as well as a good way to keep your teeth clean. Natures Menu’s 100 percent natural entire Beef Marrowbone is a delectable treat for raw-fed canines. 

Raw Beef Marrow Bones are a delightful, healthful food that will exercise your dog’s jaw and promote better dental hygiene. Natural nutrients to aid in the promotion of health and vigor. We recommend giving this advanced raw bone to dogs over the age of ten months who have eaten raw bones before.

Chewing may help dogs relax, and providing raw meaty bones is an important component of a raw diet. Our selection of meaty bones

Coffee Wood Chew

Coffee Wood Chews are all-natural dog chews created in Vietnam from coffee tree wood. Only coffee trees over 20 years old with poor coffee bean yields are chopped down in order to obtain these woods in a sustainable manner. Coffee Wood Chews are not only environmentally sustainable, but they also offer obvious advantages, as seen by the happiness of canine companions in various nations.

Natural coffee wood is used to make Coffee Wood Chews, which are free of chemical additives and preservatives. Coffee Wood Chews are suitable for dogs with weight problems because they contain neither coffee or calories. Not to mention that it aids in the prevention of tartar and plaque build-up in canine teeth, which may lead to poor breath and other health problems.


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