should dogs get chews everyday


Chewing has outstanding benefits for dogs. It can start from promoting overall well-being and dental health to mental stimulation and supporting your dog’s natural instincts. It has a question that “should dogs get chews everyday?” is most concerned by dogs owners. Since chewing is a natural passion of almost all dogs, then how can we control this habit?

should dogs get chews everyday


Why do dogs chew? Should dogs get chews everyday?

Adolescent chewing also occurs as young dogs attempt to explore their environment and discover new things. Reasons include the following: 

Boredom #should dogs get chews everyday?

Dogs left alone for long periods or not getting enough mental and physical stimulation are likely to become bored. Working breeds have naturally high activity levels and become easily bored in the wrong home. This can lead to destructive behaviour.

Teething in puppies 

Teething for puppies occurs between three and seven months of age when puppies have an uncontrollable urge to chew to relieve s the discomfort in their gums. Chewing also facilitates the removal of puppy teeth and the eruption of the adult set. 

should dogs get chew everyday

Attention seeking 

If your dog learns that chewing something forbidden (such as the TV remote) makes you get up and chase round the room, the animal quickly learns that this is a great way to get attention.

An unbalanced diet #should dogs get chews everyday?

If not getting enough calcium for example, your dog may try to compensate by chewing stones or plaster. All dogs should be fed according to their age, weight, health status and the amount of exercise they receive. Consult your vet for advice on the best diet for your dog.

Distress at being left alone # should dog get chews everyday

Some dogs cannot cope with being separated from their owners and are destructive when left 

should dogs get chews everyday

Should dogs get chews everyday?

It’s reasonable to allow your dog to chew daily depending on which long term-chew you are offering. If a long-term chew is high in calories, it’s best to limit the frequency to only a few times a week.  It’s important to ensure that your dog is enjoying his chew in a safe manner. To prevent your dog from swallowing a choking hazard, always be present in the room to supervise your pup while he’s chewing.

Some suggested long-term chews for dogs 

In order to answer the question of “should dogs get chews everyday?”, we must take a reference about some chew available nowadays.

Coffee wood dog chew

Refering to be one of the most popular chew toys for dogs today. Coffee wood chew has all-natural ingredients so it’s safe for dogs to chew for a long time. 

Java wood chew


Learn more about the benefits of coffee wood chew at:

Other chews 

Chews can be given when a dog is settling down for some quiet time, though you must supervise your dog while they are chewing. Unlike toys, chews are designed for nibbling and gnawing and are essential if you want a dog to chew acceptable items instead of your furniture. Examples of chews include rask, chew stick, dental rawhide, pressed hide, large and medium Kongs, and activity balls. 


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