the best dog dental chews


What is the best dog dental chews and treats suggested by veterinarians? Here, we will suggest you some dental chews and treats have outstanding benefits in reducing plaque and tartar buildup on dog’s teeth. 

the best dog dental chews

Protect dog’s health by regular dental hygiene

Just like humans, dogs can suffer from a variety of dental problems, ranging from periodontal and gum disease to tooth decay. To try and avoid these issues, the American Veterinary Medical Association recommends creating a good dental hygiene routine that includes brushing your dog’s teeth several times a week using dog-safe toothpaste and a toothbrush along with scheduling regular dental cleanings at their vet.

the best dog dental chews

Dental chews have outstanding benefits to dog oral’s health

Your dog’s diet can also play a major role in maintaining your dog’s teeth and gum health: Several dog foods and kibbles are specially formulated to reduce the mineralization of plaque and tartar on their teeth, and dental chews usually have a gentle abrasive effect to physically reduce buildup on their teeth.

What are the best dog dental chews according to veterinarians?

The best way to maintain your dog’s dental hygiene and keep their gums and teeth free of plaque is by scheduling regular teeth cleanings at the vet and brushing their teeth daily with a dog-safe toothpaste and toothbrush combo. But dental chews can also help: They work to mechanically scrape off odor-causing bacteria and leftover food from their teeth. Some dental chews include a chemical anti-plaque agent like delmopinol that creates a protective barrier on the teeth.

coffee wood chew

“Dental chews can help remove some plaque buildup [on their teeth] and can be a valuable addition to your at-home oral health care for your dog,” said Dr. JoAnn Morrison, director of veterinary science at Banfield Animal Hospital. However, our experts noted these treats shouldn’t replace the teeth-cleaning methods, nor should you give them to pups less than six months old since their adult teeth have yet to come in.

Coffee wood chew

Coffeechew is one of the best dog dental chews which has great effects on cleaning dog’s teeth. Coffee wood chew is 100% natural with ideal hardness for dog chewing. This dental chew helps remove tartar and plaque build-up on dog’s teeth for a long time. Its natural released fibers act as soft dental flosses cleaning dog’s teeth and protecting their oral health.

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coffee wood chew production

Olive wood chew – one of the best dog dental chews

Like coffee wood chew, olive wood chew is a kind of natural dental chew. This product has extra hardness therefore, it does not splinter easily during chew. Olive wood chew is available in different sizes for all dogs. 

best wood for dogs to chew


Aside from exercising the jaw, dog antlers are full of calcium and phosphorus that are excellent for healthy teeth and bones. They type of antler dog chew that is best for dogs will vary from dog to dog. For examples, Elk and moose antlers tend to be softer than other types of antlers. So they may be appropriate for lighter chewers, older dogs, and puppies. Besides, split or sliced antlers of all types will usually be gentler and smaller, and considerably tastier because the marrow is exposed. More aggressive chewers may do better with harder antlers like those from deer. However, use caution because these can sometimes cause tooth and mouth injuries.

the best dental dog chews



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