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How TH Global Vietnam controls the quality of coffee wood chews

Vietnam, a country globally renowned for its coffee production, is now making waves in the pet industry. TH Global Vietnam has emerged as a leading manufacturer and exporter of coffee wood chews. Which offering eco-friendly alternatives for our canine companions. But how does the company ensure the premium quality of its products? Let’s find out how TH Global Vietnam controls the quality of coffee wood chews.

quality of coffee wood chews

1. Source Selection:

TH Global Vietnam commences its quality control at the root level by carefully selecting the coffee farms it collaborates with. Partnering with farms that adhere to organic and sustainable farming practices ensures that the initial raw material is of the highest grade. Raw materials are from old coffee trees normally over 20 years old with ideal hardness. With many years of experience in manufacturing coffee wood chews, TH Global Vietnam has deep understanding about the quality of raw materia; for example what type of coffee wood is ideal to make coffee wood dog chews.

coffee wood chew

2. Caffeine-Free Assurance:

One of the primary concerns for pet owners is the caffeine content. TH Global Vietnam guarantees its coffee wood chews are 100% caffeine-free. The branches, from which the chews are made, inherently contain no caffeine, making them safe for dogs.

3. Splinter-Proof Processing:

To ensure safety, the company has honed a proprietary processing technique that ensures the chews are splinter-proof. This reduces the risk of any potential harm when dogs gnaw on the product.

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4. Serious control of moisture content:

In order to do the best in controlling the quality of coffee wood chews, TH Global Vietnam adopts both natural drying modern mechanical drying system to ensure the quality moisture content of raw material before production.

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5. Regular Quality Checks to ensure the quality of coffee wood chews at TH Global Vietnam

Regular inspections are conducted at various stages of production. These checks help in identifying and discarding any defective or sub-standard pieces, ensuring that only the best products reach the market.

6. Size and Density Monitoring:

Understanding that dogs come in various sizes and chewing habits, the company employs strict monitoring of size and density for each chew. This ensures suitability and safety for dogs of different breeds and sizes.

Best Sizes of Coffee Wood Dog Chews

7. Feedback Loop:

TH Global Vietnam values customer feedback. By continually listening to client reviews and concerns, the company makes necessary adjustments to its production process, always aiming for perfection.

8. Packaging and Storage:

The quality control doesn’t stop at production. How the chews are packaged and stored plays a crucial role in their longevity and freshness. TH Global Vietnam various packagings to ensure the chews remain in peak condition during transit and shelf life.

coffee wood dog chews

9. Employee Training:

Quality control is not just about processes but also about people. Regular training sessions ensure that every employee understands the importance of quality, maintaining the high standards that TH Global Vietnam has set.

10. Better control the quality of coffee wood chews through transparent Communication:

Transparency is at the core of TH Global Vietnam’s operations. By clearly communicating its quality control processes, the company builds trust among its customer base, assuring them of the excellence of the coffee wood chews.


TH Global Vietnam’s unwavering commitment to quality is evident in its meticulous control measures. By prioritizing the safety and satisfaction of pets and their owners, the company has set a gold standard in the production of coffee wood chews. If you’re seeking a sustainable, safe, and high-quality chew for your canine companion, TH Global Vietnam has got you covered.