tips on improving dog's dental health


Healthy teeth and gums are vital to dog’s wellbeing. Taking care of their dental health regularly is must to do. Here we have some tips on improving dog’s dental health. Let’s check them out!

tips on improving dog's dental health

Brush your dog’s teeth to prevent a build up of plaque

Brush dog’s teeth daily is the top in tips on improving dog’s dental health. Daily brushing gives your dog the best chance to have healthy teeth and gums. Introduce daily teeth cleaning to them when they are pups. If you have an older dog, with a bit of patience and lots of reward they’ll get used to it.  Here’s how:

  1. Buy a doggy toothbrush and chicken or beef-flavoured toothpaste from your vet. Avoid human toothpaste as it will upset your dog’s stomach.
  2. Get comfortable with your dog on your lap or at your feet.
  3. Let them lick the toothpaste and sniff the toothbrush.
  4. Slowly and gently brush from their front to back teeth in an oval pattern getting under and in between teeth.
  5. Brush for under a minute or for as long as they enjoy it.
  6. Reward your dog with pats, praise… and dental treats

tips on improving dog's dental health

Feed your dog a special dental diet

Your dog’s teeth will benefit from a dry food dental diet. The kibble is bigger, which means your dog has to chew more. As they bite through the larger kibbles, bits of plaque will rub off their teeth and chewing harder means more saliva is produced to help protect the mouth.

Tips on improving dog’s dental health – Buy your dog dental toys and treats

An ideal solution to clean plaque on dog teeth and help protect their oral health is to give them chewing toys. The trend of finding natural chewing toys becomes popular today. While artificial plastic toys are no longer a safe solution. Coffee wood dog chew is 100% natural dog chew toy with perfect benefits on improving dog’s dental health. Among tips on improving dog’s dental health, using coffee wood chew is popular nowadays. Coffee wood is kind of hard wood in Vietnam. Coffee wood chew is totally safe without any artificial or harmful ingredients to our dogs, even puppies. Besides, coffee wood dog chew also have small sizes, for puppies to chew and clean their teeth. Learn more about our coffee wood dog chew at our Alibaba Store!

coffee wood dog chew safe

Treat your dog to a mouthwash is one of the tips on improving dog’s dental health

No need to train your pooch to gargle, just add some oral health rinse to their water bowl or apply gel to their gums. This helps prevent plaque build-up and kills mouth bacteria.


Visit the vet if your dog has dental disease

Get a check-up and book in a scale and polish if your dog has bad breath and plaque. Your vet will take x-rays to examine teeth roots – root canals and seals can save your dog’s teeth!

tips on improving dog's dental health
tips on improving dog’s dental health