coffee wood chew


Does your dog like to gnaw on tree branches? Or is it more destructive and bites your fence or wooden furniture? Wooden dog toys can be the perfect toy for your dog. Designed to look and taste like wood, these toys provide a safer and less destructive alternative. There are 2 types of best wooden toys available today: Wood shape toys and Coffee wood chew. Let’s take a look at the article below to learn about these two wood dog chew toys. 

coffee wood chew


Wood shape toys

 This toy is from wood sawdust that has b-een combined with polypropylene and compressed into a stick shape. If you look closely, you can see small pieces of sawdust inside it. These toys have a slight woody smell, but you’ll only notice them if you bring it down your nose.

what makes a dog an aggresive chewer?

When your dog is chewing, you won’t smell anything. Speaking of chewing, we found that while this is a harder toy to chew, it wears out a bit quickly. The rougher texture helps attract dirt and is prone to flaking. Worse, it’s pretty hard to clean. These toys are not entirely natural, more like nylon chew toys than wooden ones.

Coffee Wood Chew

This toy is 100% from natural coffee wood in the highlands of Vietnam. Old coffee trees that have no value on seeds, after be-ing harvested will b-e dried naturally in the sun. They are peeled, rounded and polished; Completely handmade, natural and safe for dogs.

Coffee Wood Chew offer a natural and durable toy on which your dog can chew until their heart is content. The pleasantly sweet coffee fragrance is very well received by dogs of all ages and is ideal for dogs who simply love something different. 

coffee wood chew

Especially hard wood from the coffee bean plant: ensures a long-lasting chew and keeps your dog occupied. The chewable stick does not contain rawhide and is made of 100% shatterproof coffee tree wood. Our dog toy is indestructible and suitable for aggressive chewers.

100% natural: This natural chew for dogs does not have any ingredients of animal origin or artificial additives. The wood dog chew is zero-calories, so you can allow your dog to chew without worrying about its weight. This means that coffeewood is ideal for dogs with allergies and makes a great alternative to meat chews or chews that contain carbs or sugar. For your dog’s safety and health, choose our natural products: Coffee Wood Chew.

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