coffee wood chew production

Coffee wood chew production


Coffee wood chew or Java wood chew is a popular dog chew toy on today market. This product is 100% natural and sustainable sourced from Vietnam – the second largest coffee exporter in the world. The materials to produce coffee wood chew are old coffee trees that are inability to give quality beans. Instead of being thrown away or burned like before, they will be perfect for making dog chew sticks with ideal hardness. Have you ever wonder about the coffee wood chew production? TH Global Vietnam will show you the process by the article below.

coffee wood chew production

Coffee wood chew is no longer an unfamiliar product to dog’s owners thanks to its outstanding benefits. This chew stick is natural and sustainable dog chew toy with high level of durability. It is easy to use and preserve. Coffee chew contains 0% of artificial ingredients or caffein which is suitable for all dogs even dogs with weight issues. Learn more about the benefits of coffee wood chew at TH Global Vietnam by CLICK HERE.

coffee wood chew production


In Vietnam, coffee wood harvest season is from September to March of next year. Firstly, the old coffee trees with standard hardness will be ideal for coffee wood chew producction. The workers will cut them into small pieces suitable for sizes before grinding with the machine. At TH Global Vietnam, Coffee wood chew sticks for dogs ar-e exposed naturally in the sun to have a beautiful natural yellow color.  Coffee wood chew when it has reached a certain humidity will be stored in the warehouse with standard conditions of temperature, light, and moisture content for long-lasting use.

coffee wood chew production

By coffee wood chew production, many Vietnamese workers can diversify their income and impove the living standard.  Moreover,taking advantage of old coffee tree materials also brings great benefits to the ecosystem and the environment.

As a local manufacturer, we believe and hope this sustainable product will b-e more widely accepted in the international arena.


TH Global Vietnam is the manufacturer of coffee wood dog chew at the best wholesale prices. By going through this article, customers can have an over view about our 100% naturally coffee wood chew production.  In addition to Coffee wood chew, if you are looking for other types of dog chew products,then Coffee wood tug, natural dog treats, etc. in different sizes and shapes will meet of your demands. Please kindly contact us for further information and the best consultant! TH Global Vietnam can supply wood toys for dogs made from coffee wood with private labels and brands as per customers’ requirements.


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