natural_dog_chew_toy_coffee_wood_dog chew


natural_dog_chew_toy_coffee_wood_dog chew

Natural dog toys are one of the most searched keywords nowadays since artificial dog toys are no longer safe and sustainable alternatives. Dog owners tend to seek safer and more sustainable dog products for their four-legged friends; therefore, wood chew toy is the name that is regularly mentioned. Thank to natural characteristics, wooden dog toys are widely choosen by dog owners. However, it still has some concerns about the danger of wooden debris for dogs during chew. Does coffee wood chew splinter?

Most woods can be broken into pieces since they have wooden construction

Obviously, most wood can be broken to pieces under the sharp teeth of aggressive dogs since they have wooden construction. With woods that are soft and break easily, it can be a real danger for your dogs to chew on. In some cases, debris  from broken wood sticks can get in the mouth or worse will hurt inside dog’s system if swallowed. Unfortunately, your dog may not realize the danger.

Are all woods dangerous for dogs to chew?

The answer really depends! Some of woods still can be used to make dog toy such as Coffee wood chew or Javar wood chew. 

natural_dog_chew_toy_coffee_wood_dog chew

Thank to strong and durable bond, coffee wood is one of the hardest woods used for pet toys. It is not easily released during chew. After long time using, Coffee wood chew will be released into soft fibers, not as sharp debris. These fibers act as natural dental flosses that help remove tartar and plaque accumulate in the dog’s teeth for a long time. Unlike debris, fiber is easy to digest as natural fiber content which is good for your furry friend’s digestive system. Your dog will enjoy daily dental care and be protected against the risk of dental diseases.

This product contains zero caffeine and calories which make it well suited even for dogs with weight issues. Besides, coffee wood is also highly recommended for dog chewing thanks to its incredible effect on dog’s dental health and jaw muscles strengthening!

Is coffee wood chew easy to preserve?

Another reason for the popularity of Coffee wood chew is its high level of durability and the ease in conservation. We just need to store this product in a dry place, avoid moisture to keep its good quality for a long time.

Through out the article, now we can have the answer for the question of  “does coffee wood chew splinter?”. Coffee wood chews are hard to release and the their fibers are beneficial for our dogs.

However, it is necessary to keep in mind some tips choosing quality coffee wood chews. In fact, there are many coffee wood suppliers on the market with many different bargain prices but the question about product quality is still a dilemma.  Some poor quality coffee wood sticks will splinter into sharp pieces after a short time of use and directly harm the health of your dogs.

natural_dog_chew_toy_coffee_wood_dog chew

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