Coffee wood dog chew toy is 100% natural 

Coffee wood dog chew toy from TH Global Vietnam is one of the most popular dog chew toy on the market.

Our coffee wood chew is 100% naturally manufacturing thus totally safe for dog’s health.



Coffee wood dog chew toys are sourced from over 20 years old coffee trees that ensure the hardness and durability during chew.

Coffee wood chew from TH Global Vietnam can also be used for dog with weight issues thanks to containing 0% caffeine or artificial ingredients.

Wood chew toy is the perfect alternative to plastic dog toys

The trend of looking for natural and sustainable dog chew toys is becoming more and more popular these days.

Animal lovers are always looking for a safe alternative to plastic toys for their furry friends.


Wood chew toys such as Coffee wood chew or Olive wood chew are the most sought-after toys on the market.  

These products offer benefits of strengthen dog jaw’s muscles thanks to its hardwood structure and natural aroma.

Is coffee wood dog chew an ideal chew toy for puppies?

 Puppies love to explore the world around them through their mouths, and not self-aware of what dangerous things may come

from unknown sticks they find outside. Twigs or unidentified furniture found outside that is moldy, contains bacteria, chemicals…

or twigs from trees that are dangerous to dogs’ health, such as walnut, black cherry, yew, or red maple…

Choose chew toys that are sourced and safe for dogs to chew to avoid those hazards happening again: for example,

C_o_ffee wood chew (also known as wood stick) might be a good option.


Coffee wood chew – a dog toy that you should check out!

Coffee wood chew is one of the hardest dog chew toys nowadays. Unlike other chewing wood, Coffee wood chew is rarely splintered in debits.

This chewing wood is released into soft fibers that are helpful for dog’s dental care! Coffee wood dog chew is 100% natural and contain 0% of glue or caffeine,

therefore it can be used for dogs with weight issues. Chewing on Coffee wood chew helps strengthen dog’s jaw muscles.

Coffee wood dog chew toy is no longer strange on the pet market nowadays.

Canophera coffee wood chew, or Gorilla coffee wood chew are some popular names that you can easily find while searching on this product.


dog toy coffee wood chew

Coffee wood chew at TH Global Vietnam Co., Ltd

TH Global Vietnam is the manufacturer and wholesaler of Coffee wood dog chewCoffee wood tug, and other natural dog chew toys based in Vietnam.

Thanks to high-quality products and professional service, we have gained trust from customers worldwide. TH Global Vietnam can supply wood toys for dogs made from coffee wood with private labels and brands as per customers’ requirements.

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