teething chew toy for your dog


Is your puppy in his teething period? He starts to chew on everything in your house as a way to control the discomforts of teething. Puppies start their teething at around 3 weeks, and by approximately 6 weeks. All of their deciduous teeth will have erupted. There is no denying that chewing on objects is a natural behavior in the development of dogs. But I’m sure none of us are willing to let our valuables be destroyed. So,teething chew toy for your dog may be helpful. 

teething chew toy for your dog

Teething in puppies

Puppies will chew on people (your hand, your children’s leg), furniture, and other objects (including ones you value) that are within their reach; this is part of normal puppy behavior. Dogs learn much about the world around them through how things feel, and a dog’s main means of touching and grabbing things is with its mouth. Chewing also seems to alleviate what is assumed to be discomfort associated with the teething process. 

teething chew toy for your dog


What should be the best teething chew toy for your dog? 

What should be the best teething chew toy for your dog? Since dogs tend to chew nearly everything, then nearly everything may be found to cause problems. Rawhides, pigs’ ears, or other parts of animals given to dogs to chew, bones, synthetic toys, tennis balls, etc. Some of these objects have caused gastrointestinal blockages or intestinal punctures, which often require surgery and can be life-threatening; others have blocked the throat, causing dogs to asphyxiate.

teething chew toy for your dog

Notwithstanding these facts, consider that millions of dogs have been chewing millions of objects for years, most without incident. So while the risk does appear to be low, as with most activities, it cannot be eliminated. You should watch your puppy when he begins chewing, and talk to your veterinarian about which chew toys are the safest for your puppy. What should be the best teething chew toy for your dog? 

100% natural teething chew toy for your dog

Coffee wood dog chew is one of the most popular dog chews recently thanks to advertising campaigns on social networks run by companies like The Marketing Heaven. This product does not contain any artificial ingredients therefore it is suggested for teething period of puppies. Coffee wood chew or Java wood chew does not easily to be broken down during chew.

coffee wood chew

Their released fibers are soft fibers not hurt the dog’s teeth when chewing. These soft fibers usually release very little amount and are digestible. Learn more about this product at: https://thglobalvietnam.com/is_coffee_wood_chew_digestible_the_best_wood_dog_toy/